Las Vegas: Final Day

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- The final day in Vegas was owned by Joe Jackson. The 5-foot-11 lead guard led the Memphis Magic to two over time victories on their way to the Super 64 crown.

Joe Jackson vs Ryan Harrow – This one was fun to watch. Both of these quick and athletic floor generals had their moments. Early in the second half it was Harrow that took over the game, as he attacked the basket and hit defenders with his pull-up jumper. After Harrow's punch was thrown, Jackson started throwing haymakers. The 5-foot-11 guard scored a handful of points at the rim, before burying back-to-back three-pointers and getting the Magic back into the game. Eventually he forced overtime and the Magic walked away victors.

Joe Jackson vs DC Assault – Another game and another big time effort from Jackson. With the game on the line and Memphis down three with three seconds on the clock, Jackson took the ball the ¾ of the court and pulled up for a three-pointer to force overtime. When the Magic needed a bucket, Jackson took care of it and he made it look easy. Once again the Magic secured a victory in overtime.

Chris Crawford, SG, Memphis Magic – There weren't many guys in Las Vegas that improved their stock as much as this 6-foot-4 shooting guard did. Showing up in Vegas as a virtual unknown on a national level, Crawford proved himself worthy of high major looks.

A standout at Memphis (Tenn.) Sheffield, Crawford is certainly a gamer. In high-pressure situations he made big plays and down the stretch in the championship game against the NE Playaz he made his biggest play, as he buried a three-pointer at the buzzer to help the Memphis Magic win the adidas Super 64.

Daryl Traynham, PG, DC Assault – We certainly give credit when it's due, and there's no denying the fact that Trayham has earned some ink. While Jackson certainly put together a major game against the Assault, Traynham stepped up to the challenge and went toe-to-toe with him. A scrappy floor general, Traynham attacked the rim, and despite his size, finished once he got in the paint. He's a tricky defender and a guy that seems to enjoy playing in the spotlight.

Carlos Emory, SF, Minnesota Pump N' Run – This 6-foot-6 beast went down swinging against the New England Playaz. Built like a tank truck, Emory is strong, athletic and capable of stepping out for triples from 22-feet. Word is he's headed to the JUCO ranks. If he continues to develop, he should then find his way into a high major program.

Anthony Ireland, PG, New England Playaz – With their starting point guard having troubles, Ireland, a 5-foot-11, 175-pound floor general, filled in very nicely. A product of the Winchendon School, Ireland made smart decisions, showed a solid handle and created for his teammates. Mid-level programs should take a peak, as Ireland will likely play at that level.

Nate Lubick, PF, New England Playaz – What's so refreshing about Lubick is how hard he works. The 6-foot-8 power forward headed to Georgetown is steady with his effort and is consistent on the floor. He works the baseline for drop off passes, rebounds the ball well and is a proven scorer on the block. Lubick was a major reason the NE Playaz rolled through the tournament and nearly won the deal.

Amile Jefferson, SF, Team Philly 15's – The more we see Jefferson, the more we like him. At 6-foot-6, Jefferson has a versatile game. Often times he'll start in the low post get some buckets and then work his way away from the basket. He's got a great looking frame with extremely long arms. Long term he's a guy to watch, as he's got a chance to be an elite prospect in the 2012 class.

Jordan Adams, SF, Atlanta Celtics 15's – Earlier in the week it was Jordan Price that impressed us the most for the Celtics. Late in the tournament it was Adams, a 6-foot-5 wing, that stepped up his effort. Adams hit a handful of big buckets in the championship game, including a three-pointer from well past the three-point line.

Although Jackson and Crawford are getting most of the attention, Adonis Thomas, Tarik Black and Jelan Kendrick also played big roles in the Memphis Magic winning the adidas Super 64 title. Nate Britt, a 2013 prospect, is going to be a good. He's already got a terrific feel for the game. Damien Wilson played a big role in the Atlanta 16's winning the championship. He shoots it well, can get to the rim and has above average athleticism.

*Word out of Reebok was that Phil Taylor played a major role in the Worldwide Renegades winning their division. Taylor, who is a Florida International commitment, went for 34 points and 10 assists in the championship.

*Team Detroit knocked off D-One Sports in the Open Division championship. T.D. has a litany of good guards. Trey Zeigler led the way with 16 points. Quincy Miller had 16 for D-One.

*Throughout the adidas Super 64 Joe Jackson was virtually unstoppable. He put together an unbelievable tournament. His speed and athleticism are quite impressive.

*The Southern Kings won the 16's division, but unfortunately didn't play a championship game. Indiana Elite/Team Indiana was forced to forfeit due to travel accommodations.

Tournament Winners

adidas Super 64
17's – Memphis Magic
16's – Southern Kings
15's – Atlanta Celtics

Center Stage
17's – I-5 Elite
16's – Team Odom
15's – SWAG Elite

RBK Summer Championship
Open Division – Team Detroit
Baller Circuit Championship – Worldwide Renegades

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