Fairfax-Westchester Report

Tuesday night's Fairfax-Westchester game was a typical game between the two teams. Hotly contested, with an overflow crowd, and with several D1 prospects on each team...

Fairfax defeated Westchester 58-55 earlier this week in a game played before an overflow crowd at Fairfax. Here are some thoughts on several of the notable players in the game.

Trevor Ariza, 6-8 SR PF Westchester. Ariza played a solid all-around game, dominating the boards in the first half and knocking down a couple three-pointers. In our opinion, Ariza will have to play the four at the next level, as he doesn't have the ball skills to play on the perimeter. He's a fairly good passer, but he doesn't have the quickness to take people off the dribble and his outside shot is still suspect. More importantly, Ariza is very effective around the basket. In the paint, against a big man, Ariza is quick. His long arms are an asset and we believe he could end up being a tough match-up as a four man in college.

Jonathan Tolliver, 6-3 JR SG Westchester. Tolliver helped Westchester take an early lead of eighteen points, as he connected on four three-pointers in the first half. He's got deep range, although his shot is more of a set shot with a low-release. Pretty good body, fairly good athlete. Needs to develop more of an all-around game, but someone to keep an eye on.

Scott Cutley, 6-5 SR PF Westchester. Cutley did what he usually does – hit the 15-17 shot and cause problems inside with drives and spin move around the basket. He's a terrific high school player, but he'll probably need to extend his range at the next level. Body and athleticism will be the question mark at the next level.

Marcus Johnson, 6-6 JR SF Westchester. We've seen Johnson played extremely well is spring and summer settings, but we've yet to see him show the same ability in a high school game. It could be that he's deferring to older players with Westchester, but he needs to become much more aggressive and active when playing with the Comets. Great body, very good athlete, but his skills still need refinement.

Kevin Bell, 5-8 SR PG Fairfax. Bell was the difference in this game, as he hit shot after shot to keep the Lions in the game early. He has a tendency to dominate the ball too much, and his shot selection could use work, but he does have ability. Needs to learn how to play the role of a distributor and think more like a point guard.

Josh Shipp, 6-4 JR SG Fairfax. Shipp was somewhat passive in this game, but it's difficult to know if that was by choice or because he got the ball so rarely. In any event, he also needs to learn to make an impact even when he's not getting the ball often. We'd like to see more activity and intensity.

Jamal Boykin, 6-5 SO PF Fairfax. Boykin had trouble early with Ariza and he rushed things a bit in an effort to make plays. Fairly good shooter out to about 17 feet, active rebounder and he plays with very good energy. Big question on him will be if he changes physically at all. He's got very big feet, but he also looks physically mature. If he gets to 6-7 or 6-8, then he could be very effective inside. Body won't allow him to play on the perimeter, though, so he'll need to get bigger to be effective at the next level.

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