AAU Nationals: Day Four Rundown

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Michael Bradley. Ever heard of him? We hadn't either prior to Thursday. Could he be the next case study of a late blooming big man ready to take the next step?

Sam Mills, CG, S. Fla. Elite: This is one of those guys who if he goes mid-major will be an all-league player. Absolutely loved him and wished we could have spent more time watching him. Shoots it, beats his man and scoots right to the rim. Fits the profile of an under the radar late bloomer.

Michael Bradley, C, Tenn. Tigers: Doesn't even start for his AAU team, which is of zero concern. With this young man we're talking about the long term, big picture. Is he raw? Yep. Does he have a reputation? Not really. He's about 6-10, extremely long and we know he's a competitive guy. With his team getting smashed, Bradley was staring right at Andre Drummond who happens to be one of the best post guys in the country. He went at Drummond the best he could, even got a bucket around him. It had to have been a big moment for him because he competed and probably learned a great deal about himself.

Bradley is the type of prospect without the hype or name but gets you excited when you see him because of the long term potential. He looks a lot like Damontre Harris pre-blow up. He's got excellent grades, comes from a small but winning high school team and can block shots. He slides neatly into the mold of a completely under the radar big fella. He's the guy the big colleges can't take because they don't have time to wait on his development and their fan bases scratch their heads when they recruit a zero rep guy. He could also be the guy mid-majors cultivate and ride to the NCAA Tournament. Is there a risk with him? Sure, but the reward could be significant.

Cameron Wright, SG, King James: A year ago there was a school of thought he'd reached a plateau. Well, he hasn't. To his credit, Wright has turned it up and his play has been steady the second half of the month. His jumper is falling more consistently these days.

Ralston Turner, SG, Ala. Challenge: Playing his best ball at the end of the month. When K.T. Harrell went down with an injury against Rising Stars, Turner turned it up from behind the arc. He's a guy that will play the role of sniper behind the arc.

Tyrone Garland, PG, Philly Pride: Had it rolling in the first half of a game we caught. When he's making his jumper he's on top of his game. Garland was the name in regulation and Jesse Morgan took the helm in overtime to get the win.

We'll give it up for Shane Larkin and Robert Brown. They played on Showtime's 17 and 16 teams. That's a lot of ball this time of the year. … Liked wing T.J. Hall a great deal. Will be a huge mid-level asset. … Ravonte Riley isn't in the shape he needs to be right now but as one coach correctly point out, when it's winning time he steps up his game. … Storm Stanley was a beast off the bounce for King James. The strong point guard finished righty/lefty and each one was progressively more impressive. … We asked a high-major coach who knows a thing or two about developing centers and he was as excited as we were about Bradley. …

T.J. Hall said Ohio U. is on him the hardest with offers from FAU, College of Charleston and Northeastern. UNC-Wilmington, Auburn and UAB are looking. … Cameron Wright has offers from Indiana, Michigan State, Cleveland State, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh. Georgia Tech and Florida are looking. … Sam Mills has offers from Delaware, Marshall and Georgia Southern. … Michael Bradley has offers from Tennessee State, Middle Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Memphis and Oral Roberts. …

Jim Larranaga and Seth Greenberg were side by side watching Shane Larkin. … Trent Johnson has been attending all of Ralston Turner's games. … Indiana went full staff for Kyrie Irving. …

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