More Than 35 Schools Call On Kanter

Enes Kanter made his way to the United States last week. After working out in Chicago for a few days he headed to Findlay on Wednesday. By the time he made it to Las Vegas over 35 programs had inquired about the talented big man.

It didn't take long for word to spread about Enes Kanter.

The 6-foot-9, 240-pound Turkish star landed in the United States last week and has since become the talk of the college basketball community.

After watching Kanter workout in Chicago it became clear he would be pursued by the nation's best. Against some high level talent, he was a beast on the boards. He went after every ball that came off the rim, and was especially good on the offensive glass.

Offensively, there is still work to do, but he has developed a right jump hook and showed good touch from mid-range jumper. His left hand is formidable, but not quite as developed as his right.

"I want to have a complete game," Kanter said. "I just want to be known as a complete player and I'll do whatever it takes."

For obvious reason it's going to take Kanter some time to adjust to playing ball in America, but he's certainly a high major player and a guy that will be recruited by the nation's best. Actually the circus has already begun.

According to Findlay assistant coach Todd Simon, Tuesday was a hectic day. After the initial Kanter story came out, Simon received and Findlay head coach Mike Peck received phone calls from over 35 schools.

"The last couple days have been a whirlwind," Simon said. "The amount of interest in recruiting Enes has been astonishing. His reputation as an elite player certainly precedes him but I also think the character he has shown in making this decision makes him even more attractive."

Among the schools that have already shown interest are UCLA, USC, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, Arizona State, Florida, UCONN, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgetown, UNLV, Oklahoma, Oregon St, Georgia Tech, Marquette, SMU, Arkansas, Memphis, Kentucky, Ohio State, Harvard, George Mason, New Mexico, Florida Atlantic, Georgia, Virginia, Hawaii, TCU, San Diego, Mississippi St, Alabama, LSU, South Florida, Rice, West Virginia and Indiana.

Earlier this week when sat down with Kanter, he expressed a strong desire to play college basketball. So as the next year progresses he'll have a lot of learning to do, as he just started following college basketball two years ago.

"I know the Turkish players in college and they inspire me a lot," Kanter told "As far as schools, I know of North Carolina, Texas, Kansas, Michigan State, UCLA, USC and Mississippi.

Although the recruitment has begun, it's likely the last thing on Kanter's mind. Having been in the states for less than week, he's trying to get acclimated with life in the United States and is focused on working out and winning at Findlay.

"It's a big responsibility for me to go to Findlay," he said. "I don't want that record to be stained when I'm there. I want to win a National Championship."

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