Cobbins Commits During Visit

Michael Cobbins had plenty of visits scheduled. However, all it took was one. The Palo Duro standout make his call after his first official visit.

There was no grand plan to drive from Amarillo to Stillwater and commit. Nope, Michael Cobbins was going to take his time making a decision. After spending the weekend with the Oklahoma State Cowboys, the Palo Duro power forward was sold.

"I think he just reached the point where he felt like he knew where he wanted to be and it was the right fit for him," Dennis Cobbins said. "We weren't going to let him be pressured and a lot of responsibility went on his shoulders. We went down there for the official visit and we had a good time."

Ranked No. 51 in the country, Cobbins is hoping to be back on the court by October 1. He tore his meniscus and patella tendons the final day of camp at Reebok. He's since spent most of his time in the weight room and is lightly moving on a treadmill these days.

"We haven't started lateral motion yet but they will soon," Cobbins said. "I can bend it 100 degrees and the average knee bends 130. I'm hoping to be back on the court by October 1."

Cobbins previously expressed that Memphis was his leader. New Mexico, Georgia Tech, Missouri and Oklahoma were slated for visits prior to his commitment to the Cowboys.

"I was looking at the style of play and its similar to what we play now. Once you get the rebound you go, and that's how we play in high school right now.

"This year, I would the sky is the limit. I plan on getting strong."

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