No. 38 Desrosiers off The Board

It was a tough call for Carson Desrosiers.'s No. 38 prospect had himself down to a pair on Tuesday and on Wednesday made the call.

Carson Desrosiers made his high school coach proud. Not because of what he did on the court, but for who he is as a person and how he conducts himself when no one is around.

On Wednesday, Desrosiers picked Wake Forest.

"When he walked in the door as a freshman you see this thin 6-6 kid and you think he has a chance," Lawrence (Mass.) Central Catholic coach Rick Nault said. "You hope he makes a jump for the following season and he made bigger ones than expected. He made big jumps year to year. Through it all, he never changed one bit."

The Deacs, Arizona State and Marquette were the finalists for the 6-foot-11 big man.

"As late as yesterday afternoon it was a toss up between Arizona State and Wake Forest," Nault said. "Coach Gaudio made the last home visit."

As a junior, Carson averaged 18 points, 13 rebounds and eight blocks.

In the end, it was an extremely tough call for Desrosiers, at least from Nault's perspective. Wake Forest had its advantages. "I think, if you ask Carson, I think it would be the focus on academics and quality of school that Wake Forest is played a factor. Wake's a smaller school and he can come back to Boston once a year."

Desrosiers is ranked No. 38 in the country by He joins fellow Top 100 prospects Travis McKie, J.T. Terrell and Melvin Tabb alongside Tony Chennault in the current Wake class.

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