Bright Futures Shootout

Delton Hayes, a correspondent with this site, was on hand for the Bright Futures Shootout last weekend. Here's Hayes' take on the event.

A Bright Day in Florida!

Special thanks to Delton Hayes who covered this event for the site!

Breakdown Magazine in conjuction with the state's lottery, gave high school fans and national media a day of basketball that will talked about for a long time.

Florida Air   69,   ACDS    52
Kathleen    63,   Eustis   49
Brookhaven  69,  Miami NW   59
Edgewater  75,   Lincoln  72

2003 Checklist

Andrew Lavender, PG, Brookhaven: The little general continues to dominate despite being 5-6. His twisting 360 layup while being fouled was just one of the "Ohhs and Ahhs" he had today. Lavender had an excellent floor game.

Devon Pearson, WF, Miami NW: The SMU Mustang staff may have doped the entire country by getting this guy to sign. Athletic, strong, able to play inside and out, Pearson should have a very good collegiate career. Stat sheet: 25 pts, 11 rbs, 2 asst.

TJ Bannister, PG, ACDS: TJ has always taken the role of "lead guard" when surrounded with guys who can score. He has now added the role of "scoring guard" which may be due to the fact that his HS team needs him to score this year. In my opinion TJ will return to his lead guard role at the next level and be even more effective.

Wesley Green, C, Eustis: The Big guy wanted to make a statement today, feeling snubbed by the media as to who is the top senior in Florida. Green came out aggressive, blocking Chris Richards' first shot, running the floor and hitting the boards with passion.The Depaul recruit was the BIGMAN today!

Brandon Foust, WF, Brookhaven: Credit Kevin Sampson(Oklahoma) for realizing that the Foust/Lavender package shouldn't be broken up.This duo should continue to shine for the Sooners over the next 4 years. Brandon was able to get to and above the rim all night, having a perfect game from the field.( See shot chart for details).

2004 Checklist

Sebastian Telfair, PG, Lincoln: Are there any more adjectives to describe his game that haven't already been used? He walks, talks, and plays with a swagger that you either love or hate, depending on which side of the floor you're sitting on. Today you had to love it as Bassy created more "Ohhs and Ahhs" than little Andrew (I stopped counting at 5). One scout I sopke with called Telfair the "Best guard" in America, HS or college. While I believe Ray Felton and TJ Ford may disagree with that, the Legend of NYC carried Lincoln to a near upset of powerful Edgewater.

Gerald Gillon, PG, Miami NW: Not known as a big scorer (only 4 points) today was no different having to face Lavender and his constant pressure. Gerald did what he did best, run his teams offense by getting the ball in the hands of the scorers. Gillon had 6 assist to his credit.

Darius Washington, SG, Edgewater: After Telfair opened the game with a pair of 3-pointers you just knew Darius was come right back at him, which he did by dropping one from NBA range. It is my belief that more guys should play the game the way Darius plays it. (With INTENSITY). Credit Washington with 21 points

Brandon Johnson, PG, Edgewater:  BJ played a key role in stopping Lincoln's upset bid.He helped slow down Telfair and company in the 4th quarter by hitting some big shots when it seemed like the momentum was shifting north. Johnson had 17 huge points, 2 assist, and 2 rebounds.

2005 Checklist

Jamelle Cornley, PF, Brookhaven: Remember this name, the college scouts sure will.Cornley is about 6-5, 225 (and growing?).He uses that frame very well, ala Anthony Glover of St Johns. Looks like the next star to keep this program among the national elite. Jamelle had 15 points and 6 rebounds against a much biggger and older frontline.

2006 Checklist

Jason Bennett, C, ACDS: The 7 footer had a rough day in the post trying to establish position against the European kids of Florida Air. He was shut out of the scoring column but did grab 9 rebounds. It would probably be wise for the HS-to-NBA talk to end for now

Off the Radar screen; Who Are These Guys?

Jason Dukes, WF, Florida Air (2003): After a less than desirable NIKE tour last summer Dukes is getting the chance to showcase his talents. The shooting range is there( knocked down a couple long balls), but at 6-6 he will have to put the ball on the floor in order to be a factor at the next level. Jason was credited with 12 pts and 5 rebounds

Jerome Boyd, PF, Edgewater (2003): Boyd was a major presence in the middle for Edgewater today playing with alot of energy and toughness. To be honest his play against the frontline of Lincoln was the key factor in this win. JB had an MVP type game with 20 points and 8 rebounds

Alexander Kaun, C, Florida Air (2004): In a day of statements the Russia native made a few of his own, to the tune of 2 "up and under" facials he served the freshman Bennett. Known as Sasha, he also added 11 pts, 8 rebounds, and 7 block shots.

Everett Spencer, WG, Brookhaven (2004): Losing the Lavender/Foust show may not hurt too much next year with Cornley banging inside and Spencer weaving his way around defenders. He's very athletic and hit a couple from deep

Side Note

Greg Killings 6'11" C, Miami NW (2003): Greg was on a recruiting visit at Stanford this weekend missing the Brookhaven game.His presence in the middle may have had an effect on the outcome of this game. NW was a late replacement for after another Miami school(Miami Christian) was banned last week.

The games were played at the UCF Arena on the campus of the University of Central Florida in downtown Orlando.

UF signee Chris Richard had 15 points and 5 rebounds.... Auburn verbal Dwan Youmans slashed and attacked his way to the rim to the tune of 18 points and 6 rebounds....

MOP(Most Outstanding Performers)

Lavender was the General!

Foust was a Highlight film!

Telfair was Telfair!

You make the call.

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