Kendrick Methodically Going Through Process

Picture a 6-foot-6 guard, eyes closed, body contorting. With a peaceful mind, Jelan Kendrick is wrapping up home visits and working on his yoga.

Jelan Kendrick might be onto something. The lengthy 6-foot-6 guard has taken up yoga. What began as a school project has developed into an exercise worth investing in long term.

"I just left my yoga class and I'm heading to get me a swim workout in and then to the gym," Kendrick said Thursday night.

Props to Ms. Greenfield, a teacher at Wheeler for introducing him to the art of exercise and relaxation. "I was looking at her like she was crazy. They told me a lot of pros use it to be injury-proof. Plus, I have to do a senior project on it and I started doing it. I've been sticking to it."

As steadfast as Kendrick's been with his yoga workouts, he's been equally committed to his recruiting timeline. Since the summer, Kendrick's plan has been to conduct in-homes, trim his list and take officials.

Kendrick, by the way, is a helluva poker player. The all-american high school senior can't be cracked. He's got all the clichés and standard lines prepared for his recruiting. "Everybody brings the "A" game in home visits," Kendrick said. "They say some good things and they've got my mom saying ‘O, my baby you should go there.' Then the next coach comes in and she says the same thing."

Kendrick did his best to leave no one out when recapping his in-home visitors this month. Kentucky, Memphis, Georgia, Florida International, Oregon, Georgetown and Cincinnati have stopped by.

What's next? "I'm not sure yet. If I take a visit and I like that school I might commit then but I'm going to jump too fast."

Instead of moving quickly with his recruitment, he's advancing slowly and working on his signature yoga move. "It's the one where you put your leg up on your knee and squat and look like you're praying; that's my favorite."

He's not the only one involved in his recruitment that's praying these days. Guards with his skill set aren't plentiful.

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