NTF Fall Workout: 2012 & 2013

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Sunday at Nike Team Florida's Fall Workout underclassmen day. From point guard Kasey Hill to wing Quinten Payne, we liked what we saw. Freshman wing Demarcus Croaker (shown) rocked the rims.

Devonte Morgan, SF/SG: This guy has a real passion for rebounding and we'll list him as a small forward and expect he'll grow into the position. Brings a tough guy mentality and is a strong slasher. His jumper is an area that could use strengthening.

Alvin Cunningham, SG: Wasn't on the original roster but it didn't take but a few plays for him to make you notice. A couple of spinners in the post, a lot of strength and handled with some confidence.

Demarcus Croaker, SG: This guy entered the gym in announced his presence. Was above the rim, leaping and dunking. His shot is a touch flat but with the athleticism he has, the rest should fall into line. Conjures up images of a young Durrell Summers.

Kasey Hill, PG: The guy with the biggest reputation usually has the most to prove and after a slow start on Sunday, Hill finished strong in his second and third outings. A gifted lead guard, he possesses a strong first step plus a big time burst to the cup. Impressed with how easily he finished off athletic drives. He has a scoring mode and passing mode; when he blends them together he'll be quite the prospect.

Quinten Payne, SF/SG: The brother of Iowa freshman Culley Payne. He's different than his point guard playing sibling. Payne has lots of hops and is a very good athlete. Overall his skill set is strength and we think he'll be a guy who shoots as well as he rebounds. In the skill work, his bounce stood out. One of the top overall prospects here.

Bradley Christian, SF: Played on Saturday with the older guys and looks more comfortable with his peers. Long arms, great attitude. Made mid-range shots, got on the glass and tracks as a versatile small forward. The best attitude of anyone in the gym. One observer noted: "I'd love to take him home with me, he'd be great for the community."

Ryan Van Etten, SF: He channeled his inner Matt Derenbecker (minus the deep range). Savvy player with deft touch inside. Was always around the ball, finished and he's able to go from scorer to passer easily.

Devonte Morgan (2012) would be that tough, rebounding, slasher-type. … DreKalo Clayton is all of 6-foot-5 and is thick. Great on the boards. Could be a beast and we'll track his growth. His attention to doing it right and with authority in the drills did not go unnoticed. … There was a 2014 prospect in attendance he's going to be an excellent one. Remember the name Edward Porter, a lean power forward. …

Liked the energy of strong-bodied guard Brandon Channer. Showed he could score it and then turned himself into a passer. Should be a mid-level scholarship guard. … Loved the basketball IQ and potential of Jordan Montgomery. He's got a jumper and can pass the ball. …

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