Thompson Takes One Visit, Sets Two More

Although he's not anywhere close to making a college decision, Sam Thompson is jumping into the process. He just returned from one unofficial visit and is set for two more.

Over the course of the spring and summer Sam Thompson, a 6-foot-6, 170-pound wing out of Chicago (Ill.) Whitney Young, seemed to get better and better. By the end of the summer he'd worked his way into the top 25 nationally.

"I had been playing really well," Thompson, who a state title as a sophomore, said. "I've been working on my ball skills and my ball handling and all of that is coming along well."

"That's always the goal to keep getting better," he added. "At the end of the day hopefully I'm at the top of everybody's radar. The summer was really fun. My team played really well, which was a big part of how I played."

After July, Thompson, a four-star prospect, began keying on ten college programs that were recruiting him.

"I'm really only looking at ten schools," Thompson said. "I'm looking at Oregon State, Ohio State, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Miami and Virginia Tech."

To get a better feel for the programs, Thompson is in the process of taking unofficial visits to some of the schools on his list. His most recent trip was to Columbus (Ohio) to visit the Buckeyes.

"It went really well," he said. "I've been talking to their coaching staff a lot and I'm already pretty cool with their coaching staff. It was nice to hang out with them and see the campus and see how the fans got up for the football game."

Next up is Florida this weekend for their midnight madness festivities. He'll then head to Oregon State the weekend of October 31st. Once the college basketball season begins, he's hoping to visit a few of the other schools on his list.

"I was taking to the coach [Kurtis] Townsend from Kansas and we weren't able to set anything up for this year, but I'm going to try and get out there for a game," Thompson said. "Same with Kentucky."

Although he appears to still be a long ways away from making his final college decision, Thompson plans to spend more time than he has in the past watching and evaluating schools during their seasons.

"Obviously this college basketball season I'll be looking at things in a different way than I usually have," Thompson told "I'll be assessing how they play and stuff like that."

"I've been talking to all of the coaches and just trying to get a feel for them," he said. "I've talked a lot with my family and as I get out to more campuses I'll be able to see who I like and who I don't like."

Thompson, who played with the Mac Irvin Fire during the summer, is rated as the No. 7 small forward in the 2011 class.

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