Survey: Midnight Madness cobbled up over 150 recruits on campus for opening season festivities. Not every college uses Midnight Madness but everyone's developed an opinion. Here are a pair!

In theory, this is one of the biggest weekends of the college basketball season. While everyone is getting started in practice, some are using this as a chance to showcase their programs to recruits.

Not everyone goes the route of rolling out the red carpets for recruits. We've asked two coaches their opinions on the weekend and what the practice of Midnight Madness means to them.

Question #1 What's more important: Midnight Madness or Elite Camp and why?

Coach 1 Elite camp- you get to work with the players and actually spend time with them, whether it is on the court, over breakfast or in the dorms. They get to see you as a coach and a person while at something like midnight madness it is a produced show.

Midnight madness is becoming an outdated idea used by established powers - part of college basketball's arms race among the elite. Who can promote it best? Most people? Best skit? Biggest star to perform? If your program is not equipped to do that yet, like us, better off having an event on a different day. At least than you can get recruits to attend.

Coach 2 I think Midnight Madness is more important. Only because our program is not in the business of "paying" for players to attend! (coaches salaries etc.. ). Our Elite camp is still great for evaluation on young kids who haven't got involved in that yet.

#2 Is your style to have lots of Midnight Madness visitors or a few? Any examples of success either way?

Coach 1 2. When we had it, we wanted a lot of good underclassmen and maybe a top recruit on an official visit. Younger recruits ( freshman and sophs) are more impressionable and like the "festival/carnival " more. Again, if you are not a school that goes overboard for these events you are setting yourself for failure.

Coach 2 We will have our biggest recruiting weekend of year on midnight madness. Quality not quantity on Friday for us. We can't give our recruits the kind of attention they need if we have too many.

#3 How difficult is it to prepare for the opening of the season and cater to recruits at the same time?

Coach 1 I'm not sure it is difficult but it definitely requires extra planning and thought. One of your assistants and support staff just has really long days and divided focus. That being said anytime you get a kid on campus during the season that happens.

Coach 2Very difficult to prepare for season and have a huge recruiting weekend. Have to delegate duties and almost put recruiting before practice at the HM level. I think it is different with some mid major conferences, much more focused on basketball practice at this time. I have been at both. I will not be concentrating on practice that much to be honest until Monday. Have to find some happy medium for head coach but do think has to defer to team at this point. Tough on assistant's! No sleep from now till Monday and that's when we start practice twice a day for two weeks! 6am and 4pm!

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