Recruiter's Roundtable, Part II

Who's the best shooter in the Class of 2010? How about top horse player? To finish up, we play a little word association with's scouts.

Roundtable, I

5) After going through your mental rolodex, who is the best shooter you saw in the Class of 2010?

Telep: The high-major player that provides me with the most confidence is Cory Joseph behind the line. Mid-range, I'd let Harrison Barnes shoot it all day long. J.T. Terrell has the deepest range.

Daniels: It took some thinking because a number of names immediately came to mind. Among the ones considered were Harrison Barnes, Joe Jackson, Russell Byrd, Reggie Bullock, Keith Appling, J.T. Terrell, Cory Joseph, Ian Miller and Gary Franklin. In the end I think the pick has to be California bound point guard Gary Franklin. The 6-foot guard is a consistent shooter with great looking form and deep range on his shot.

Bossi: Honestly, I don't think I can say any one guy stands out to me as the "best" shooter in the class. There are some guys who can stroke it like Russell Byrd, Frank Williams, Matt Derenbecker, J.T. Terrell, Alex Rossi, Allen Crabbe and others. But I can't pinpoint just one guy who stands out above the rest as the premier shooter in 2010.

Hicks: We didn't have a lot of great shooters in the west this year, but Jordan Weathers makes a lot of threes every time I see him play.

6) Which mid-major signee will be a player of the year in his league?

Telep: Guys with as much natural talent and accompanying hype typically don't sign out of high school with Sun Belt schools. Dominique Ferguson is the most talented.

Daniels: I'm going to go off the map a little with this pick, but I'm going with Darius Quarles. The 6-foot-7 long, athletic hybrid forward can do a variety of things on both ends of the court. When we saw him this past summer his jump shot seemed to look better every time out and he was a key member of the super talented Team Final squad.

Bossi: If he plays to his capabilities and develops, I think the answer to this one is pretty easy. Florida International's Dominique Ferguson.

Hicks: We have a number of candidates in the west this year, as there were some absolute steals in the class of 2010. Josh Ritchart at UC Davis should be a great player in the Big West. Another potential player of the year in the Big West is Shelton Boykin at Long Beach State. But the biggest steal of the class is Brandon Cataldo at Portland State. He's good enough to play in the Pac-10 and he will be a dominating player in the Big Sky.

7) Brandon Knight, Joe Jackson, Josh Selby, Fab Melo and Justin Coleman are playing horse. Who wins?

Telep: It would be impossible to stand up to the trash talk of Josh Selby. He can take a guy right out his game and force him to try something he's not capable of. He wins it on a windmill dunk with his left hand.

Daniels Fab Melo is the first to go, mainly because he doesn't have the range to keep up in this game. After that it gets tougher. All four of these guys are pretty good shooters, but I'm going to go with Joe Jackson, as I think he's the best shooter out of this bunch and he doesn't fail under pressure very often.

Bossi: I'll take Justin Coleman.

8) Word Association


A) Jayvaughn Pinkston - Barkley
B) James Johnson - Skilled
C) Terrence Jones - Length
D) Jeremy Lamb – Skinny
E) Kendall Marshall - Maestro
F) Damontre Harris – Freak


A) Jayvaughn Pinkston - TOUGH
B) James Johnson - Improving
C) Terrence Jones - Versatile
D) Jeremy Lamb – Late Bloomer
E) Kendall Marshall - Smart
F) Damontre Harris – Length


A) Jayvaughn Pinkston - Mean
B) James Johnson - Solid
C) Terrence Jones - Adaptable
D) Jeremy Lamb - Intriguing
E) Kendall Marshall - Control
F) Damontre Harris - Long


B) James Johnson - potential
C) Terrence Jones – versatile

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