QEA Invitational Rundown

WINSTON SALEM, N.C. – Remi Dibo? Ever heard of him? Probably not but chances are he's about to emerge as a power forward of note for the spring period.

Justin Martin, SG, Mountain State: He went for a big number in the win over QEA. Martin had it rocking from behind the line. He's a 6-foot-5 shootist has two things that are a problem for wings in his league: 1) he has size and a stroke and 2) a body that is ready to play right now in college.

Remi Dibo, PF, MSA: This is going to be a guy who gets talked about a lot post-signing day. Now, in fairness, we need to see him again but he was awfully impressive Saturday night. A 6-8 native of the Ivory Coast, Dibo has range, size and outstanding feel. Plays with a purpose and you can run good offense through him. He will be a must-eval for higher-level teams seeking skill. Colleges coast to coast are looking to add another name to their winter "must see" list and Dibo deserves a look.

Titus Rubles, PF/SF, God's Academy: The perfect versatile forward for programs in C-USA and the A-10. Wants to face and drive and can finish at the rim. Came up big with 18 points and 11 rebounds.

Stargell Love, CG, QEA: He's a guy who is very hard to guard because his athleticism sets him apart from his peers. Plays at a fast tempo and had 12 points on a day when his shot wasn't falling. Can play above the rim from the guard position. Would thrive in transition style.

K.C. Ross-Miller, PG, God's Academy: God's Academy rallied for a win over Oak Ridge and KRM had 23 points on the strength of 15-for-19 from the line. An available point guard, Miller would be an excellent option for C-USA level programs looking for a guy who can score it from the lead guard position.

Quincy Miller, PF, QEA: He had surgery on his left wrist and forearm area and isn't at full strength. In the final minutes when he opted to test himself, he quickly scored two buckets off the dribble at the rim. He had a big night in the opener and finished with 9 points and 4 blocks and 4 boards in the loss. Probably a few weeks away from going full steam but did show what a Top 10 player can do in the game's final five minutes.

Ronald Ross, SG, MSA: Hadn't seen nor heard about him prior to this game. Indy native has a compact stroke, solid body and presents himself as a legit shot maker from the perimeter. Would think high-level mids would be more than interested once they see him.

Jacob Lawson, PF, Oak Ridge: The physical tools and athleticism are there. Now it's about harnessing the potential. He had 16 points and three boards to go with 3 blocks. Loves the lob and they do a nice job of throwing it at the rim for him.

Carlos Rankins, PG, Oak Ridge: Rarely does a young player's role expand during a game but that's what happened as senior Jay Canty suffered an early ankle injury and junior Michael Neal broke his wrist in the second half. Rankins responded by stroking 3s and making an impression as a potential mid-level recruit.

Sophomore center Joseph Uchebo injured his knee and did not travel for Oak Ridge. It's been a rough week for the squad as it will surely lose Canty for a short time and Neal for an extended period. …

Mountain State sophomore Anthony Bennett comes off the bench. An extraordinary athlete, he'll need to develop his ball skills to play on the wing. … Like the motor and game QEA big man Juvonte Reddic brings to the table. Mid-majors should be on him hard. … Detroit native Anthony Fields is a jet point man for QEA and he's a junior. … Aaron Bowen (one-time Marquette commitment) is now at QEA and looking to carve out his role on a talent-laden squad. …

Terrance Lafayette of God's Academy shot it well behind the arc. … EKU landed a nice player in Jabs Newby. Love the floater. …

Lafayette has an offer from Houston. … Rubles has options with Tulane, Marshall, Houston and UTEP and would excel at that level. … Love indicated that Baylor, Florida, Oklahoma, Miami, Marquette, Mississippi State and Massachusetts are looking at him. … Dibo has an offer from Wyoming but the Cowboys are about to have company in their chase for a signature. … Reddic has offers from James Madison and Oral Roberts. He visited Georgetown unofficially. …

Dino Gaudio was the lone head coach in attendance for Quincy Miller. … Derek Kellogg was in town to see Stargell Love. … Assistants from Wake, Xavier, Charlotte and UMass were in the gym. …

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