Selby Definitely Waiting

Josh Selby isn't going to be an early period signing surprise. Though he's been on campuses, he hasn't made a single official yet. Over the next few months, he'll evaluate - closely - his options.

OK, Jelan Kendrick, you caught us off guard. Because of you, we're watching Brandon Knight closely. Will he pull the trigger or won't he this period? Either way, since Kendrick put us on full alert (last week he swore he'd sign in the spring) our radar is up.

What are the chances the's No. 10 prospect, guard Josh Selby will pull an early surprise? To find out, we reached out to his mother, Maeshon Witherspoon.

"Nope, no chance," Witherspoon said. "He hopes to accomplish (by waiting until the spring) a better relationship with the coaches recruiting him. At this point in time, we're going to watch how the team plays, the chemistry and see how the coaching staff operates and carries themselves during the games as well as concentrate on his own season."

Josh Selby – we're sure – is going to be one of the spring's most high-profile signees. Though teams have been calling – and continue calling – his list appears fairly tight. Kansas, Kentucky, Miami, Syracuse and Indiana are in the mix. Ah, then there's Tennessee, the school Selby de-committed from last summer.

"You can always mention Tennessee because I've never once shied away from my relationship and feelings with Steve Forbes," Witherspoon said. "You know, Kansas plays them. That could be an official visit because I have driven to Tennessee in the past."

Witherspoon said her son has his full compliment of official visits remaining. So far, every time he's been on a campus, it's been of the unofficial variety. He's never seen Syracuse, Miami or Kentucky.

Selby and his mother intend on doing their homework this season. Whether they're in primo seats watching teams or channel surfing at home, they'll be in evaluation mode.

"As competitive as Josh is, (we want to see) how a team fights back through adversity and how a coach handles adversity. Does the coach go off when a point guard has a turnover? You know, Josh is gonna have turnovers. We'll watch the body language from the coaching staff as well as the players.

"Depending on the way Josh's season goes, we'll try to do both live and on TV. We want to see a game at Kentucky, Syracuse and Kansas. Indiana plays Kentucky so we can go kill two birds with one stone and possibly save an official or unofficial trip."

OK, so Selby's going to have plenty of time to survey the scene and prioritize. Knowing that, what's on his mental agenda to try and sort through in the coming months?

"First things first, it's a chance to win games. No, to win a national championship. That has been a goal for him early on. He's done it in middle school, in AAU, he's hoping to do it in high school and then in college. The next thing is the relationship between the coaching staff and him.

"Someone has to push him and challenge him to get better on and off the court. Plus, team chemistry and I would say the last thing is a school or coaching staff that will have fun in the one thing he loves the most: playing basketball."

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