Coaches Stop In To See Sy Dieng

After his arrival a few weeks ago, Gorgui Sy Dieng has begun receiving interest from college programs.

Gorgui Sy Dieng has only been in the United States for a few weeks, but it's been long enough for a handful of college coaches to head to Hungtington (W.V.) Prep to take a peak.

Already Kentucky, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Marshall have swung by Rob Fulford's program to see the 6-foot-10, 205-pound versatile forward.

"A lot of people have been calling and I think we will have a lot of people coming up as soon as the season gets rolling," Fulford told

According to Fulford, the four schools that made trips to see him were impressed.

"They obviously love him because of size, skill and length," he said. "He's not overly athletic but his size takes care of that. His footwork from a defensive stand point he can guard a guard."

"He's really skilled," Fulford added. "He's not a center. He's a four. He's got so much skill. He's not ready to be a high major four right now, but two years from now his upside is unbelievable. He's just not strong enough right now."

Huntington Prep played there first game on Tuesday. They'll be back in action on Thursday against West Virginia Wesleyan's JV squad.

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