National Prep Showcase: Day 1 Rundown

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – The National Prep Showcase tipped Friday afternoon. Lorenzo Brown was on point, so was new Pittsburgh recruit J.J. Moore. Plus, we got a look at highly touted 2012 center Khem Birch.

Lorenzo Brown, PG, Hargrave: Down the stretch he was money from the line (6-6), blocked a shot and slipped in for a finger roll. Had him with 24 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 8 turnovers and was easily (again) the best prospect in the gym. Major impact recruit in the backcourt for North Carolina State.

J.J. Moore, SF/SG, South Kent: He started the game lights out from the perimeter and then eventually worked his way to the rims where he was equally as dangerous. Moore clipped off 29 points (9-20) and 7 rebounds. He was getting it done.

Cleveland Melvin, PF, Notre Dame Prep: He'll wind up being one of the best rebounders on his team. Melvin had 12 boards and 7 points. Super long arms make him a factor in traffic and his explosiveness helps. He and Ron Giplaye did a nice job on the glass.

Calvin Newell, PG, Mack Academy: This guy could come into a mid-level program and shake things up. Extremely athletic at 6-feet and he's in attack mode. Showed the jumper and explosion to the rim. He was a problem for South Kent. Newell shot 11-13 for 28 points, 4 dimes and 4 turnovers.

Bryon Allen, PG, STM: Big opportunity for him because PGs are few and far between right now. Will be on the CAA/A-10 radar all season. Shot it well versus Lee. Allen had 19 points (7-9 FG), two rebounds and three assists.

Nemanja Djurisic, PF, South Kent: Mids are going to have to check him out because he's a skilled, crafty and plays his position. Thinking man's inside player he's got the tricks; the up and unders, reverses and is a good passer. Finished with 18 and 12.

Laurent Rivard, SG, NMH: Helluva player and an exceptional pick up for Harvard. Rivard is going to a league that won't force him to guard athletes every day on defense but will allow his unique body to be a factor on offense. Super rebounder for his position, great feel as a passer and he'll smoke 3s all day long. Watching a kid at 10 p.m run full speed for a loose ball and tip it to a teammate while stretching out on the floor is impressive.

Trahson Burrell, SF, STM: The native of Albany is an energy guy who played with intensity at both ends. Definitely a guy to watch as he'll be a lock mid-level recruit. Energy, savvy and scoring ability.

Andre Drummond, C, STM: Coming off an ankle injury. Doesn't have his wind yet. What he does is catch, pin and punish. Developing a nice soft hook shot that isn't going to get blocked. Super strong, has the athleticism to be a difference maker, just isn't ready to go 100% full speed since the injury. Finished with 8 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks.

Khem Birch, C, Winchendon: When we arrived at Reebok last summer, it was just in time to catch a photo of him and hear about his first day. He missed most of the camp with an injury. Well, he was in the house on Friday and this is a major, potential elite prospect. He's long, runs the floor and is an athlete. Has the body, tools and smile to be a big timer. Canada, we thank you for loaning us the big fella! Khem was 5-6 with 10 points and 6 rebounds in a blowout.

Junior Keith Coleman of Lee had a mismatch and exploited it in the second half. If he can make the hook consistently and rebound harder he'll catch the attention of lots of teams. Superior body. … Matt Conway of STM has great touch, lower level wing with stroke. … SMU signed PF Richmond Vilde who has size and face up touch. … Quinnipiac scored ultimate glue guy in Dominique Langston who is always around the ball. …

ND Prep uses three guards – Antonio Barton (15), Jordair Jett (11) and Lamont Samuel (24) – to play loose and fast. … Giplaye had 10 rebounds but went 1-for-6 from line. … Russell Smith scored it for South Kent. He's improved since last year but will fight the size battle at the highest level. Needs to turn himself into a true point guard for the Cardinals. Credited with 25 points and 8 assists (we charted him with 3).Good opening night for him. …

Hargrave point guard Jarvis Davis won over some admirers on Friday with his quickness. If you're improving, there are a lot of teams in need of a player. … Delaware got a good one in Devin Saddler, a strong shooting guard who doesn't mind contact and looks great from mid-range. … Noah Folahan (signed with Marist) is a mid-level commodity. He's super long and live bodied. If the light goes on, the Red Foxes ride him through their league. Regardless, his athleticism gives him a nice ceiling. …

Burrell has an early list of Siena, St. John's, Providence, West Virginia. … Matt Conway has offers from Bryant and Central Connecticut State. … Jordair Jett has interest from St. Louis, Baylor, Northern Iowa and Nebraska. …

Calvin Newell said he's got interest from Robert Morris, St. Bonaventure, Niagara, Nebraska, Charlotte and SMU. … Majok Majok has Harvard, Drexel, St. Louis, VCU and Fordham. …

Assistants: Connecticut, Drexel, St. Louis, Fordham, Virginia, Delaware, Loyola-Chicago, Quinnipiac, Bradley, UNLV, Wichita State, Nevada, Georgia, Massachusetts, Wake Forest, Siena, Stony Brook, High Point, Marquette, Navy, Virginia Tech, Hartford, Rhode Island, Western Michigan, NJIT, Fairfield, Towson.

Head Coaches: Quinnipiac, Western Michigan.


  • St. Thomas More 90, Lee Academy 69
  • Hargrave 87, Notre Dame Prep 80
  • South Kent 106, Evelyn Mack 95
  • Winchendon 95, Massanutten 54
  • Wilbraham & Monson 40
  • Northfield Mount Herman def. FUMA

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