Big Effort Called For

TRENTON, N.J. – Friday brought more snow which cancelled a local boy's match up. However, the 7 inches of precipitation wasn't the story at the Prime Time. Oh no, Friday was the calm before the storm. The LeBron James game on Saturday is shaping up to be the most hyped day in the history of high school sports.

Prime Time Shoot, Day Two

The Mood

Snow cancelled the Lawrenceville-Neptune game. When the white stuff finally stopped falling, about 7 inches of accumulation was on the ground. Still, it wasn't the weather – or the basketball – that dominated the chatter in Trenton. Friday was merely the calm before Saturday's storm.

The LeBron James versus Westchester game is very likely to go down as the most hyped most covered high school event in history. Folks, the circus is in Trenton and St. Vincent-St. Mary and King James are about to take center stage.

"This game tomorrow rivals the Alcindor vs. DeMatha game," one veteran observer noted. "He's the lead story on the 11 p.m. news nationwide Saturday night," another quipped. If you haven't noticed, LeBron Mania has swept our country and Saturday will be the biggest media day of coverage we've seen so far. Trust me, everyone in Trenton is bracing for hysteria Saturday afternoon.

We think King James is the real deal and he's going to enhance the legend against Westchester. We'll set the over-under for his point total at 37. Remember, this is his largest stage yet and a virtuoso performance will be called for and he's just the type to deliver.

If you recall the last time he was under scrutiny (you know, Hummergate?) he went off for 50. A half hundred on Saturday would send corporate types into a frenzy to get him to push their product.

From a sheer business perspective, there is money to be made on Saturday afternoon and you just know that LeBron is going to make the most of this opportunity. A 19-point game isn't what the 8,000 fans – some of which anteed up $70 for luxury suite seats – and hundreds of major national media outlets expect.

Saturday's stage calls for a top shelf effort. With all due respect to guys like Romeo Travis and Dru Joyce, Saturday is about LeBron. It's about the legend taking the next step. It's about a great high school player proving his greatness with the sports nation watching. It's about the No. 1 team in the country hitching its wagon to the No. 1 player in the country and letting him lead them.

Carpe diem, LeBron.

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