Chick-Fil-A Rundown: Day One

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The 2009 Chick-Fil-A Classic is in fill swing. While James McAdoo was the most impressive player of the day, Vance guard Braxton Ogbueze hinted to his potential with a strong effort.

Damontre Harris, C, Trinity: Guys like him (size, athletic ability) aren't plentiful. As a shot blocker, he has few peers. His physical length is freakish and the ones he doesn't block he's at least changed. Against a team of midgets, he wasn't as comfortable as he would be versus traditional bigs. With the guards engaged in a fierce game of "hot potato" Harris never got the dedicated touches (52 turnovers combined). Harris left five balls on the rim and finished with 10 points, 8 rebounds and 5 blocks. For as naturally talented as he is, Harris has plenty of areas he can polish up and when he does he'll be a Jarvis Varnardo with loads more offense.

Kadeem Jack, PF, Rice: The file we began building on him two years has grown nicely. As his body has thickened, he's grown an inch and this year he's playing aggressively. Jack nips 6-8 and owns fast twitch muscles. There's talk that he preps a year; either way he's a guy the lower end high-majors need to do their homework on. Jack scored 16 points and had a baker's dozen boards.

Shane Southwell, SF, Rice: Offensively he didn't have a good game. As a prospect, you love the ability to play jump/defense defense with him and have him grab a board and lead the break. Best attribute comes as a passer and facilitator of offense. Six points, 6 rebounds.

Akil Mitchell, PF/SF, Charlotte Christian: The part of his game that stood out the most was the passing. He's got good size at 6-7 and is a perimeter oriented forward. Will he guard 3s or 4s in college won't be answered until he gets on campus at Virginia. He's a fence-sitting forward in terms of college position. Finished with 8 and 5.

Marcus Thornton, PF, Westlake: He'll fit with Clemson's press because he's athlete and a powerful jumper at the rim. We charted him and of his 8 shots, 7 were within 6 feet of the basket. His game is about catching and going up strong.

James McAdoo, PF/SF, Norfolk Christian: Keenan didn't offer much resistance but it did give McAdoo a chance to sharpen his wing game. Playing exclusively from the perimeter but scoring mainly going to the basket, McAdoo barely broke a sweat in a 27-point, 9 rebound, 5 block game. Our favorite sequence featured two top of the key thefts and a pair of dunks on consecutive plays. He scored twice inside with his left hand and chased down just about every one of his errand shots. Tomorrow, McAdoo will face a stiffer challenge against Trinity's Damontre Harris!

Anthony Gill, PF, Charlotte Christian: The future Gamecock had 15 points and 15 rebounds. He's adept at catching, sealing and scoring and takes care of the rebounds in his area. His frame is filling out and once he shores up his post defense and gets comfortable rebounding out of his area, he'll be even better. He committed early to South Carolina and they'll be glad to have him as a producer.

Marquis Rankin, PG, Vance: Finished with 9 points on 3-10 field goals and 3 assists. Rankin is speedy and got to the rim for good looks though he didn't convert. He's searching to replicate his 2009 spring efforts and to a degree may be pressing. Compounding his evening were three drives that wouldn't go down and three floaters which rimmed out.

Braxton Ogbueze, PG/SG, Vance: Last year at this time he was coming off Vance's bench and looking for places to contribute. This year, he knows his role, starts and looks for his offense. Ogbueze has great touch and is comfortable mid-range off the pull. He's tough and strong. We think long term he continues to add point guard elements and transforms into a high level prospect. Ogbueze finished with a game-high 18.

Travis Hammond, SG/SF, Richland NE: He's a potential mid-major wing who can shoot it (not textbook, but makes them) and he's savvy. Late in the game he was diving on the floor and he rebounds his position. He had 13 and 7.

Jaylen Beckham, PG, Lexington Catholic: His team won and he's a nice athlete and drive and kick passer. Where he struggled was finishing off drives, leaving five bunnies on the rim. He's got a nice feel as a passer, but will need to work on his perimeter game. Mid-majors will begin building their file.

Tennessee State signee Michael Green was late for a team function and did not play for Ridgeview. …

Instead of quarters, we're playing 16-minute halves at the Chick. Games move fast. … Tennessee State signed a good one in Malcolm Rhett. He still sports a knee brace but he's an undersized power forward with a mid-range game and awareness around the bucket. … Dreher senior wing Chris Brown owns a big time stroke. He should get DI looks. …

Lexington Catholic big man Tanner Peurach (2010) could sneak into a low-level program. He's a hustler with good basketball sense and a decent post game. … Irmo sophomore Jordan Roper couldn't dial in and finish plays. He's a scoring oriented point. It would be interesting to see his game if he had weapons. …

Charlotte Christian junior power forward Worth Smith is a guy to watch. He's bouncy and makes plays. … Richland NE power forward Jared Guest fits at a smaller mid-level school that will get up and down and use his athleticism in the running game. ….

Eric Smith (12 points), Tony Kimbro (16), Trevonte Dixon (14) and Demarcus Harrison (15) went double-figures for Christ School. …

Assistants: VCU, South Carolina, Wisconsin, North Carolina, UNC-Wilmington, Tennessee State, Kansas State, Clemson, Charleston Southern, Wichita State, Michigan.

Head Coaches: John Cooper, Tennessee State.


  • Trinity 62, Ridgeview 55
  • Taft 67, Lower Richland 58
  • Norfolk Christian 54, Keenan 31
  • Lexington Catholic 65, Irmo 50
  • Charlotte Christian 60, Fairfield Central 49
  • Westlake 50, Vance 44
  • Rice 58, Lower Richland 49
  • Christ School 85, Dreher 55

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