Interest Mounts For CSI Pair

The high school scene is nearly void of bangers, especially ones that are 7-feet tall. Aziz Ndiaye isn't playing this season but that hasn't stopped high-majors, including Duke, from taking a look.

Tis the season to blanket the country in search of players. Apparently, there are a handful at the College of Southern Idaho. Last week, the Maryland Terrapins went up to check on D.C. native Josten Thomas. The Terps ACC counterpart, Duke, offered official visits to two CSI prospects.

The Devils offered a potential Feb. 14 visit date to 7-0 center Aziz Ndiaye and small forward Carrick Felix, according to CSI head coach Steve Gosar.

"They asked for almost every single game (tape) we've played and that's what it looks like now," Gosar said. Duke dispatched assistant Nate James to campus but head coach Mike Krzyzewski hasn't made the trip to see the pair. If Coach K does go to CSI he'll only be able to watch Felix play. Ndiaye injured his knee last May and is still rehabbing. He is able to workout.

"If he's available then we're 16-0 right now," Gosar said. "He's a difference maker at our level that nobody has because he's got good hands and there aren't guys like him at this level.

"He's looking pretty good right now and I'd be shocked if there's a better (JC big man) now. He's a little different than most African bigs. He's got a feel, he's really aggressive and for a 7-footer he's pretty skilled."

Ndiaye is a native of Dakar, Senegal. He was the MVP of Basketball Without Borders in 2005. Last year, Ndiaye averaged 8 points and 8 rebounds while blocking 72 shots. Loyola Marymount, Oregon State, Washington, Colorado and Oklahoma have offered. "There's been a lot of people to come and they keep coming. Everyone that has seen him has come back.

Felix is averaging 16 points and 4.9 rebounds from his wing position. He's got offers from a pair of schools "The ones I know of are Idaho and Kent State," Gosar said. "Tons of people have called and come in to see him. Those two have told me personally but I'm sure there's a bunch more."

Felix would have three seasons remaining. "He's a slasher, that's what he's best at. He shoots it better than his percentages show."

So far, Duke has made an offer for an official visit which is different than full blown scholarship offers. It sounds like the Devils are researching the pair and checking on the possibility of them getting admitted.

Either way, Felix and Ndiaye are separate recruiting situations in spite potential for a visit together. "They're not a package deal at all."

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