Lamb Will Decide After NCAA's

Doron Lamb is one competitive guy. Last weekend he guard Jared Sullinger and soon, he'll have to turn his attention to schools competing for his signature.

If Doron Lamb can remotely handle his recruitment with the size and intensity he used to guard Jared Sullinger last weekend, he'll make the right decision. In Oak Hill's loss to Northland, Lamb was part of a plan to slow down Sullinger. By fronting the big fella and utilizing his help, Lamb and Co. didn't allow a bucket to Sullinger. It was a masterful job, one that won't soon be forgotten.

"I just tried to stay in front of him," Lamb said. "He can't go by me. In the post he could score on me but I stayed in front of him. If he had the ball in the post and I fronted him, someone had to be behind him all the time."

Oak Hill lost in one of the year's classic games but much respect was gained for Lamb and his attention to detail in the matchup. He gave up 5 inches and 80 pounds in the matchup.

Lamb's competitiveness has never been an issue and that's why he's got his pick of schools from Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Connecticut and Oklahoma.

"I took all my official visits but I'm just going to make my decision in April after the NCAA Tournament."

Lamb said that he watches teams play, how the coach handles the guards and expects to be utilized as both a shooting guard and point.

"I just want to go to a winning program and a winning coach. It doesn't really matter. I'll go to Africa if it's the best thing for me, that's where I'll go."

Oklahoma was his first visit, Arizona his most recent.

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