Q & A With Steven Hill

Arkansas took a commitment from Steven Hill over the weekend. We caught up with him on Monday and got his thoughts on a variety of different topics.

Q & A With Steven Hill

How did you reach the early decision?

SH: "It was like we didn't really give them a timetable. We told them in the spring and we wanted to get it done by the spring. We sat down a week or so ago, put the cards on the table and it came out Arkansas."

What clinched it for Arkansas?

SH: "There wasn't really one factor. Coach Heath and his staff are great. They have a great recruiting class that they're bringing in. Their freshmen play a lot and they play hard and I'm excited about helping build up a program."

How do say no to Missouri and Kansas?

SH: "It was pretty hard. The first thing after I called Coach Heath was to call Coach Williams and Coach Snyder. I had those relationships but it's a business and you have to do it and get it over with."

What was Coach Heath's reaction?

SH: "He was surprised. We went to Fayetteville and wanted to ask him some questions. After he answered them I looked him in the eye and did it. He had no idea and he was surprised. We had some questions, the answers were what I wanted to hear and that clinched it."

What kind of questions did you have?

SH: "The main question was the character of the team and what kind of people he was bringing in. I wanted to know what the kids were like because I know I'll be with them for four years."

Tell me about your accident last year

SH: "I was in a wreck in the beginning of May. I had just started with the [Arkansas] Wings. I was in a wreck and broke my left arm, and I'm left handed. It was dislocated, tore the ligaments and we had to reconstruct the joint. I'm 100% now and everything is looking good. It was hard mentally and it was just a drag knowing what I could have been doing and what I was doing."

Can you describe game for people who haven't seen you?

SH: "I'm 6-10, kind of lanky. I play inside and out. I like to step out and shoot 15 feet and in. I've got a couple of moves and I'd like to extend my range to 18 feet. Kind of like a Rasheed Wallace."

How about inside part?

SH: "Right now I'm 220, 225 but I can put on weight. I've got a year and half left and I'm confident I can go into Arkansas at around 240, 245. I'm fine with being able to go down low. They also have Julius Lamptey and he's huge. He's a monster."

Did you know much about Stan Heath before he took the job?

SH: "Not really at all. I knew the Kent State things a few years ago. I didn't even know he was at Michigan State and that was a plus. When I found out he was coming to Arkansas everyone told me he was a great person and a great individual. It's a great situation."

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