The Latest On Hatila DeSouza

Hatila DeSouza, a native of Brazil, arrived in the country in December. Since then, the power forward has heard from a bevy of major college programs and even taken a few unofficial visits.

DeSouza Already A Popular Guy

Hatila DeSouza has a bright future. The Brazilian import continues to improve in just his second full month in the country. He's a fine prospect, but his high school coach Rolando DeLaBerrera says he's still chipping off the rust.

"He's more of a complimentary player right now in that the sense he'll go and get 13 rebounds and 12 points. He's not going to try and get 24 points but what bothers me is that he has the ability to. I want him to get more aggressive and be more selfish with the basketball."

Clearly, DeLaBerrera thinks highly of DeSouza and the coach has had some good ones in the past to measure him by. "This guy is the real deal. I relate to the other players that I had and he's a mixture of like a Jamal Levy and a Jaime Lloreda. He's long and he's just a fantastic rebounder and he's one of these guys who is hesitant to be a scorer."

So far, he's hearing a lot from Missouri, Kentucky, Connecticut, Texas and Ohio State. DeSouza has already taken unofficial visits to Missouri and Ohio State. His high school coach praises him for his rebounding prowess and work around the basket but would like to see the Brazilian become more aggressive in terms of scoring.

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