NPSI: Day Three Rundown

KINGSTON, R.I. -- The National Prep School Invitational continued on Saturday at the University of Rhode Island. J.J. Moore was today's best player during an otherwise slow third day.

J.J. Moore, SF, South Kent – Kelvin Jefferson's squad relied on Moore to score some points and he certainly did that against the team from the Canary Islands. A 6-foot-6 wing headed to Pittsburgh, Moore showed Jamie Dixon type toughness, as he did the dirty work by grabbing rebounds. Moore also had it working from long range and even put together a sequence of three-pointers on three consecutive possessions. While it's clear he can hit jumpers he also finished with contact at the rim a handful of times.

Majok Majok, C, Northfield Mt. Hermon – It's hard not to enjoy watching Majok, a 6-foot-7, possibly 6-foot-8, big man originally from Australia, because of his strong motor. He never takes a play off and looks to grab rebounds in and out of his area. Offensively he'll need to continue to improve his skill set and show some post moves, but he does have a nice set of hands that caught everything thrown to him in the post.

Javarez Willis, PG, Humble Life – recruiting analyst Eric Bossi touted him as possibly the best shooter in the 2010 class and to be honest, he could be right. The 5-foot-11, stocky guard has a quick trigger with deep range and a consistent stroke that found the bottom of the net quite often. He also has good speed and is a solid handler and passer.

Jordair Jett, SG/PG, Notre Dame Prep – This 6-foot-1 guard is intriguing because of his speed and athleticism. He's not afraid to mix it up for rebounds and displays a tough style of play. Although he didn't shoot many long-range jumpers, his form looks fine. Majority of his offensive production came at the rim, as he aggressively attacked the basket in transition and in the half court.

Ron Giplaye, C/PF, Notre Dame Prep – Giplaye, a future Providence big man, did an adequate job going up against Humble Life Christian's monster front line. When going one-on-one, Giplaye proved to be a solid post defender that didn't fall for ball fakes and got his hands on a number of shots. Giplaye, a stocky built 6-foot-7 post prospect, is an aggressive rebounder that isn't afraid to do some banging in the paint.

Aaron Cosby, PG/SG, Northfield Mt. Hermon – Originally a member of the 2010 class, Cosby, a 6-foot-1 combo guard, has reclassified and is trying to mold himself into a point guard. He's definitely made some strides and assumes the role of point man for John Carroll's crew. Cosby is a good passer and a solid spot up shooter. Going forward he'll need to continue to develop his ball handling, but he's a guy to continue to watch.

Shabazz Napier, PG, Lawrence Academy – As the game wore on Napier, a 6-foot lead guard, continued to get better. He has a smooth game and always seemed to be under control. Napier has good vision, handles the ball well and showed that he can be a pretty good on the ball defender at the next level.

With a number of schools playing on Saturday there weren't nearly as many programs represented as Thursday and Friday. We did, however, spot St. Bonaventure, Rhode Island, Kent State, TCU, Stony Brook, South Florida, Saint Louis and Iowa State on Saturday.

The Canarias Academy nearly knocked off South Kent on Saturday. They have a few kids that particularly stood out. Patrik Auda, of the Czech Republic, is a 6-foot-9 big man with some versatility. He had the look of a high major prospect. Tom Pereira, a 6-foot-2 guard, seemed to be on fire for the entire event. He's a terrific long range shooter. Humble Life Christian Academy has a handful of talented big men in Leslee Smith, Kourtney Roberson and Jason Carter. All three have solid frames, were active and used their athleticism to block shots and rebound.

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