Joseph Opens Window Into Process

Cory Joseph is part of a strong contingent of Canadian born players that will enter college next season. The potential Canadian Olympian and Top 25 player answered recruiting questions with Tuesday night. caught up with all-american point guard Cory Joseph of Findlay Prep. The five-star floor general is down to Connecticut, Texas, UNLV, Minnesota and Villanova. Joseph offered his perspective on the process and how it's unfolding.

Is there anyone out there that impacts your decision?

"I don't think so. I know a couple of guys like Brandon Knight and Josh Selby have a couple of schools that I have (on my list) but I'm not basing my decision off them. I haven't been thinking about recruiting much, maybe I have to get back into it."

What sets you apart from everybody else?

"I'm not sure how much everyone else is working but I tend to work hard I think. I'm not sure what everyone else thinks."

How do you measure yourself against your peers?

"I think about all the top guys. In the back of mind I tell myself I can't quit because people out there are doing the same I'm doing. I have to get an edge."

What's been most impressive about the recruiting process?

"Guys come out to games when you don't expect much of a crowd to be there, then they talk to you about more and more about life, not just about basketball."

What was the biggest turnoff and is that school still on the list?

"I think I got rid of those. The top five that I have, the visits all went good and the players are good. It's been a hard decision for and it still is a hard decision for me to make. I'm pulling out my hair."

What are the keys you look for when you watch games on TV?

"I look at the general style of play of course. I look for how the players are coming together and how the coaches respond to the players. It's basically the style of play and the system they run. I don't go off whether they win a game or lose, I don't look at the wins and losses, even though that does come into play. I keep an even mind about it. I don't say well, "these guys beat a top program, these guys lost."

Have you thought about how diverse your list is?

"Yeah, conference comes into play but I don't worry about being away from home. Everywhere is away from home. I'll go where what's best for me."

We know you're concentrating on the season, so what's next?

"There's not a next thing that will happen. I'll watch the games and get more comfortable with the coaches. There's not a next step. I'm done all my visits. I might cut the list, but … it's hard to say. Maybe after the season is done or when I get some time thinking I might get the list down but I might just go ahead and make a decision."

If you had to do it today, could you?

"If I had to I could. Most definitely. If I had to if it was the end of the day. Yeah, I want to go to college! It would be hard, I'd be thinking about it until the last minute but I could."

Is the list trimmed in your mind?

"Honestly, I haven't been thinking about it. Reporters say I must have it trimmed but I really stay open minded."

When you make the decision, who in your life do you tell first, who second?

"I definitely tell my parents and my family first, my coaches second and then I tell the media."

How much does the program's success with pros factor into the decision?

"It factors in but every situation is different. It does factor in but not completely. One spot might be good for me and another for them. But, if they made the pros then it had to be good for them."

What's the craziest thing Tristan Thompson has done to try and convince you to go to Texas?

"He doesn't do anything crazy. Sometimes if we're playing and do something good, he'll give me a look like "come on man we need you there." He's been my friend for a long time but he tries to let me have my time but he does give me eye signals when we play but he doesn't try to pressure me into anything."

You ever read the message boards of the fan bases?

"I have sometimes when people say "hey look at this or look at that." Sometimes I say "whoa" and sometimes people say stuff I and I wonder where they get this from."

Does a recruit number the schools 1-5 in his mind?

"I stay open minded. I don't see them as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I say this is one of my schools and if they call me I talk to them and see if they say anything know."

Is there one or two schools that call and your tempted to hit the ignore button

"Sometimes if I'm doing something and I'm tired it happens. I don't see much of a reason to do that though because I try to build a relationship with the coaches as much as possible."

Is there one school where you get fired up when the phone rings?

"To tell you the truth I get excited when anybody calls me. There's a couple I get excited for (more) but I get excited for all them."

Toughest guy you faced?

"I faced Brandon Knight at NBA and he was tough. I faced Kyrie Irving at HoopHall and he's a tough player. Austin Rivers isn't in my class but he's tough. I knew I had to be on my "A" game against Brandon. I didn't play against Josh Selby, but Knight and Kyrie (are tough). I haven't played Selby, Joe Jackson. I played against Kendall Marshall too, he was hard to guard. You didn't only worry about him scoring but you worried about him dishing."

On decision day are you more relieved or excited?

"I'm excited and relieved. Excited to move onto the next step and start the process knowing what school I'm going to do. I'll try to work hard and get better and better. It'll be set then and I'll have to get better. I'll be relieved and excited."

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