NBA Star Takes In Newell

Calvin Newell, one of the top uncommitted point guards in the 2010 class, is set to take his SAT and begin taking official visits.

Calvin Newell isn't shy about the fact that he's made significant improvements to his game over the past few years.

In fact, Newell, a 6-foot-1, 180-pound point guard, gives a lot of credit to the help of fellow Philadelphia native Tyreke Evans. The two met a few years ago and the Sacramento Kings star took him in.

"His brother took me in when I was young," Newell said. "When I 13 or 14 I was really serious about basketball. I'd go outside and shovel the snow off the court. He saw me doing it one day and he said I was dedicated."

"Then he took me in they gym with him and Tyreke when he was training him and I used to rebound and I started working out with them," he added. "He told me I had a little talent and working with Tyreke it all just came together this year."

During the workouts, Newell, a standout at Charlotte (N.C.) Evelyn Mack Academy, spent a considerable amount of time developing his point guard skills.

"Without being a point guard I saw myself as a mid-major, but then I worked out with Tyreke [Evans] and his brother Eric Evans," Newell said. "I worked out with them and they really broke down the point guard role for me."

Newell keeps in constant contact with Evans. The two even talked this week when Evans was hanging out in Dallas for the All-Star game festivities.

"He told me to just keep working hard know matter what comes my way," Newell said. "I have to stay straight and work real hard. When he comes home in the summer we hang out a lot and we do two a days and he gives me good advice."

So how much has Evans helped Newell?

"A lot," Newell admitted. "Going against him this whole summer and all his advice, he's helped me out tremendously."

Now, Newell is in the midst of his senior season and he feels like he's playing the best ball of his high school career.

"I think I'm playing great," he said. "I've really learned how to embrace the point guard position a lot and I've learned how to use my teammates better."

"I'm an offensive threat. I get my teammates involved. I used to be quiet, but now I'm a vocal leader. I play defense and I take it seriously. That's my pride. I take defense real serious. I consider myself a scoring point guard."

The new success has brought a new group of schools into Newell's recruitment.

"When I first came here I had Quinnipiac and Fairfield, now I have Baylor, UConn, West Virginia, Niagra, SMU, Providence and some other schools," said Newell.

Newell currently claims scholarship offers from West Virginia, Baylor, Marshall, Providence, Niagra and SMU.

This coming weekend, Newell will take his SAT, so he can begin the official visit process. He's planning to take his first trip the weekend of March 6th to Waco (Tex.) to see Baylor.

"I'm just still looking," Newell said about his recruitment. "I'm open. I'm looking for someone that will fit me and I can play."

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