Cosby Adjusts To New School, Position

Aaron Cosby made a number of changes this year. He's at a new school, playing a new position and has reclassified to 2011.

Leaving home isn't easy, especially leaving a full year ahead of schedule.

But that's what Aaron Cosby did. A Louisville (Ky.) native, Cosby transferred out of Jeffersontown following his junior season and opted to head north to play for John Carroll at Northfield (Mass.) Mount Hermon.

"It's been challenging," Cosby told "It was challenging at first, but I got used to it. It's really helped me grow as a player and as a player."

With the move, Cosby, a 6-foot-2, 170-pound combo guard, also reclassified from the 2010 to the 2011 class.

"This is the first time I've been away for this long," Cosby said. "It's some good experience and it's getting me ready for college."

Reclassifying wasn't the only change Cosby made when he arrived at his new school. Cosby spent time transitioning to the point guard spot.

"Before I was all about scoring and makings shots, but I'm learning how to make my teammates better and still get my own shots," Cosby said. "I'm going to be a better player at the next level since I can do both."

"I think I started a little slow," he added. "Making the transition at the beginning was difficult, but as of late I've done pretty well."

On the recruiting front, Cosby has had a number of programs check him out in recent weeks and he took a recent trip to UMass to watch them play.

"Since I've reclassified I've been talking to a lot of schools and a lot of schools have been down to see me and talk to me," Cosby said.

Among the schools Cosby is hearing from are Stanford, Illinois, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Clemson, Virginia, St. Louis, West Virginia, Davidson and UMass.

"Right now I'm just focusing on the season," he said in regards to his recruitment. "I'll make a decision sometime next fall or after summer AAU. I'm really looking forward to playing with T.J. [Gassnola] and the New England Playaz."

"I think if we play the way we should, with all the players that we have, a lot more stuff should open up for me."

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