Heytvelt Still Wide Open

Josh Heytvelt, a 6-8 four man from Washington, pretty much has his pick of schools to choose from across the country. However, Heytvelt is in no hurry to get through the process and he says he's completely open...

Josh Heytvelt, 6-8 JR PF Clarkston (Wash.) High, is a very skilled big man with three-point range. With his skill level and frame, he projects to being one of the better prospects in the country.

We spoke with Heytvelt recently and he told us that he hasn't started to narrow his list. "I'm wide open," said Heytvelt. "I really don't have a list."

Previously, Heytvelt told us that he wants to go to a school that has a chance to win on a national level. We asked what other factors he would consider and Heytvelt replied, "The type of players and coaches they have, plus how strong they are in the program I'm looking for, which is sports management."

Heytvelt said early playing time will not be a critical issue in his decision. He also expreseed no preference with regards to a small town or big city.

We asked if there was any other factor he might look at and Heyvelt said, "I would prefer warm weather."

Heytvelt told us previously that he's a good student and he'll have no trouble qualifying.

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