Jack Decision Has Layers

Kadeem Jack is a blossoming Top 100 prospect. Still, he hasn't committed himself to college next year.

Kadeem Jack is not like other Top 100 prospects. In many cases, kids feel like college basketball is their right and that they're more than ready for the rigors involved in the next step of their careers.

Jack isn't so sure. Following a senior season that saw him escalate from a prospect to a player, he's contemplating slowing down the process so that he's completely ready to play college basketball. Jack is trying to decide between prep school, a red shirt year or playing as a freshman.

He sincerely wants to raise his level of play so he's ready to make the biggest impact he can. His singular focus is readying himself to play. Many schools who began recruiting him with the idea of red shirting him has seen such an obvious improvement that they need him on the floor next season. Still, Jack weighs his options.

If he picks the prep school route, you could find him at South Kent next season. If its college, Arizona, Connecticut, Arkansas, Miami and Florida have committed scholarships to him.

"If I go to college and I feel like that college is completely bent on making me better and will stay there for my development I will," Jack said. Sometimes you go to college and they tell you something but it's a business and they want to win."

Like Billy Joel said, "it's a matter of trust" and Jack's feeling out who is going to make him comfortable and put in the work to help him improve.

Jack is going to visit UConn this weekend. He tripped to Arizona during the season and likes the Wildcats.

"It was great. Sean Miller actually made it great. I was out with MoMo (Jones) and Kevin (Parrom) and they showed me the campus. They're great coaches and you can talk to them. They care about you. I like that about Arizona."

And so goes the recruitment of Kadeem Jack. While most kids organize their final decision plan, Jack continues to weigh the prep school vs. college option. Truly the ball is in his court. Jack's the rarest of prospects: a player who hasn't come to grips that he's made the strides needed to help a college team. It's refreshing to listen to a young man who is searching for the truth within himself.

Don't worry about Jack, he's going to make a good decision for himself, no matter the outcome.

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