School Drops off Knight

When Brandon Knight makes his collegiate decision, one team won't be glued to the television. Billy Donovan's Florida Gators took themselves out of consideration this week. Kentucky could be closing in on commitment.

We can't tell you where No. 2 Brandon Knight is going to attend college, but as of Tuesday, we can tell you the list shrank by one school., according to a source, learned that Florida took itself out of contention for Knight's services. The move will do nothing except fuel the theory that Kentucky is in the driver's seat for Knight.

Florida's decision to remove itself from the Knight recruitment comes at a curious time and lends credence to a pair of theories.

For starters, Florida must believe that Knight made a decision and it doesn't involve the Gators. Why else would Billy Donovan's crew remove itself after having recruited Knight for so long? Personally, we never thought Knight and Kenny Boynton would ball together after they ended a strong AAU run with Team Breakdown.

The other interesting aspect of the Gators decision to take themselves out of the Knight recruitment has ramifications with their Class of 2011 recruiting. If you were of the school of thought that believed Knight and Austin Rivers weren't going to Florida together, well, give yourself a bonus point.

By hedging its bets and opting out of the Knight recruitment, the Gators are likely to turn their full attention to Rivers. The competition for Rivers is Duke and the Devils put themselves in good position. Florida, the school Rivers first committed to, now has its energy centered on just one guard instead of two.

Kentucky is the clubhouse leader for Knight. Most schools involved in his recruitment have felt that way this year. The Wildcats, Connecticut and Kansas remain in the mix. Syracuse has been mentioned but there just isn't any traction behind the scenes for the Orangemen.

When Knight steps up to make his decision, will he confirm the Kentucky theory or surprise with a different selection? One thing is certain, it's not going to be Florida.

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