Carolina Challenge Stock Boosters

CARY, N.C. – The Carolina Challenge finished up last Saturday. We've recapped the top performers by class and now its time to focus in on some of the movers and shakers in terms of who booster their stock.

Quincy Miller, PF/SF: The best prospect at the event. He came into the deal as a top 10 player and elevated his game. His perimeter stroke continues to improve. However, it was his leadership, communication and the fact that helped set a good example for the young guys that really stood out. Came in as a star, leaves the event as a shining example of improving and playing to your potential.

Terry Whisnant, SG: Since this event started in 2007, we believe Whisnant made the biggest one-year improvement of any camper we've seen. In a field loaded with shooters, he shot lights out. He made jumpers off screens, off the catch and from deep range. He's got a high-major stroke, good size and turned in an eye opening performance.

Jackson Simmons, PF: He played like a warrior and even has the scratches and abrasions to prove it. He was very aggressive, showed off a hook shot and was very effective in the paint. He'll have a chance to impact a mid-level program as he could have a Matt Howard (Butler) type of career.

Dezmine Wells, SF: He'll be hard to replace. Wells brought energy and leadership to the event. He's a national Top 50 player who turned in a fine day and strong junior season.

Tyquan Roberts, PF/SF: One thing is certain, everyone left the gym knowing he could stroke it. Roberts could be a smaller school matchup problem. He's got great touch in the paint and if he commits himself to rebounding (in addition to being a stroker) he'll be a SoCon to CAA level signee.

Michael Neal, SG/PG: A wrist injury cost him a portion of his junior season. On Saturday, Neal likely turned himself into a CAA priority recruit. He's a hustler who can drill it or slash with effectiveness.

Aaron Roundtree, SF: We love guys that can pass the basketball. That's Roundtree's top attribute. With his 6-7 size, he can become a matchup problem. His jumper has a hitch in it but he's accurate from mid-range.

Bernard Sullivan, PF: We like the offensive package that he has plus he continues to demonstrate his athletic ability.

Tony Kimbro, SG/SF: The most loquacious of the campers, Kimbro didn't care who he played against and he played well versus P.J. Hairston. Still settles for the 3-pointer too much but a guy that will sign high major.

Jaquise Moore, SG: He's a guy that will need to find an up tempo setting in college where his speed, finishing and athleticism can be used. Moore had a strong second half of the high school season and his good play continued here.

Terrence Williams, SG: Offensive players have an advantage at the Challenge and Williams is a scorer. Mids will love him, bigger schools will build a file on him over the summer. He's a very skilled perimeter player with bounce.

John Cannon, C: He's been here three years and each season he's grown as a player. There's a lot of fight in his academic minded center. He'll be a mid-major signee and kid who will grow in a program the next four years. Watching him evolve is what this event is all about.

Kevin Thomas, SF: The Canadian is long, intelligent and plays with savvy. We think he's going to be a super teammate who will be at the top of the A-10 wish list and bigger programs will value his balanced game.

Tyler Lewis, PG: Much has been written about him and deservedly so. There's a lot to be said for a guy who obsessively works on his game and then capitalizes on his chances when given the opportunity. For those who haven't seen him, Lewis is a hybrid lead guard who samples from Pete Maravich and produces like John Stockton. Size and speed will always be question marks for high-major head coaches, that's not something he can change. However, the eyeball test reveals a guy who succeeds when given the opportunity and has a desire to maximize his natural abilities. He played against the best the state had to offer and came out a victor.

Newkirk Emerges
Josh Newkirk, PG: The SE Raleigh standout can play. He's got a nice balance between scoring and passing. In each environment we've seen him, Newkirk elevated his game. He's got wonderful instincts for his position and is an excellent passer.

Montrezl Harrell, PF: He turned an ankle in the first game and then brushed it off only to turn in a series of beast-mode performances. His perimeter game caught some off guard and was a nice touch. Bottom line is he's a shade undersized but overly athletic and strong.

Shawn Lester, SG: The Mooresville standout sports athleticism and a strong perimeter game. New to the scene, he's a guy that has a high-major ceiling and ability. If he can harness all the talent he'll be a kid who continues to move up the charts in the state and region.

Joseph Uchebo, C: If you're going to score with him in the lane, you'd better be a man. He's an excellent rebounder who surprised us with his ability to pass the basketball.

Carlton Ford, PG: A tip from an old friend (George Stackhouse) brought him to our attention and thankfully so. The consensus was he had the best jets in the gym. He's a burner with the basketball. He'll have to refine his game and learn how to play at different speeds but when it comes to pure speed and the ability to get to the rim … wow! His mid-range game is nice.

Anton Gill, PG: After Saturday there's no question he's one of the most promising young guards in the state. Gill does a little bit of everything and he'll have the size to go with the sizzle.

Tyrek Coger, C: In terms of moves and aggressiveness, he played as well as any young post we've had come through here as a freshman. He embraced challenges, kept fighting and in turn was one of the bright spots amongst all the newcomers.

Coger Has Big Day

Kennedy Meeks, C: Dubbed the next high-level insider out of Charlotte, Meeks played sparingly for his high school team. At the Challenge, his soft hands were on display. He's got to commit himself to conditioning but the raw materials are there. He learned quite a bit about himself last Saturday and that's what its all about.

Donte Reynolds, PF: The Kinston product barely played on a state title team. However, the natural ability as a shot blocker and runner of the floor are there. At times he can be a deer in headlights but on the same note, the next three years will be fun to watch.

JaQuel Richmond, SG: What position he mans for Dudley is still to be determined. What we learned is that he's an IQ guy who can slash and already has a mid-range game.

Rob Gray, a 2012 guard, will have to pick a position but he's an IQ kid with toughness. Think Donald Sims but with less 3-point range. … Love everything about Reggie Dillard. We singled him out as the best defender and put a bull's eye on him. He responded well. … In the coming years, Greg McClinton (2013) is going to be one to watch. He's easily one of the state's best athletes regardless of class. … Jacob Lawson and Jervon Pressley were on the same team and was quite the athletic tandem. Lawson is the finisher, Pressley the shot blocker and rebounder. …

Schools that covet power guards will really like Ike Nwamu this spring. Built like a fullback. … Marshall Plumlee improved every year at the Challenge. We don't have a replacement for the Plumlee Family Pipeline at the Challenge. Marshall, Mason and Miles went through the program. … Bishop Daniels' jump shot was on point most of the day at the Challenge. His third year was his best and that's the way it's supposed to end up. … Freshman Quinton Ray has speed and the mid-range game. He could be 2013's Carlton Ford. …

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