Lewis Shows Out At Challenge

Tyler Lewis, a crowd favorite at the Carolina Challenge, took on all challengers at the 80-player event and more than held his own.

Tyler Lewis ran the gauntlet a week and a half ago at the Carolina Challenge.

The 5-foot-11, 155-pound floor general took on all challengers during the event, which showcased the top 80 players in the state of North Carolina. Whether it was Marquis Rankin, Braxton Ogbueze or Madison Jones, Lewis got the best of the opposition.

"I think I played pretty good," Lewis told Scout.com. "My shot was a little bit off. Everything was a little short. I think that was from not getting into a groove this morning. Overall I played pretty well."

Lewis, who is known for his crafty ball handling and slick passing, took over the games with his ability to create opportunities for his teammates. While assist totals weren't kept for every game, in his first game Lewis tossed out 13 assists.

"That's what a true point guard does, get everybody else involved," Lewis said. "Then score when you need to score."

"I have a great basketball IQ," Lewis said when asked to describe his game. "I get everybody the ball in perfect situations. I'm a pretty decent shooter."

Already Lewis, a 2012 prospect, holds scholarship offers from Wake Forest, Baylor, Virginia Tech, Charlotte, Auburn, VCU, Richmond, Arizona State and High Point. Stanford, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina are also showing interest.

"I really don't think about it that much," Lewis said of his recruitment. "I'll probably think more about it this summer and see who shows up at my events and who is there every game.

"Most of the people if they are there every game that'll show me they are interested," Lewis added. "If they just show up for two or three games, then they're just sort of interested."

Although Lewis isn't near ready to make his college choice, he does know what he's looking for.

"I want to get to the best place for me where I can play at right away and be a big time player there at that school."

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