Real Deal: Day Two

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– Our first look at Cedrick McAfee was a good one. Day Two of the Real Deal in the Rock yielded looks at a few available seniors plus a more 2011 prospects.

Kevin Thomas, C, Hou. Select: This guy is a big time student (Ivy League style) and had offers from The Citadel, Tulane and Cornell before coaching changes hit. He tries in the post, has length and looks young. He's a good looking mid-level prospect. If he doesn't find a school it'll be New Hampton in the fall.

Alex Davis, C, Franchize: There's homework to be done but this guy has the appearance of a late bloomer who flew under the radar as the big man on Houston Yates' powerhouse team. He's very long, at least 6-8 and can attack. Granted we didn't see him go against anyone with size but in terms of what's out there and what his ceiling can be, he's more than worth the dial.

Cedrick McAfee, CG, Memphis Elite: Our first look at him was a great one. McAfee draws from the Malcolm Delaney school of combo guard. He's an ace behind the line and don't even think about giving him an inch. He could easily slide over and play point guard in a pinch but he's hard-wired to score. We haven't seen too many we've liked better this spring.

DeAngelo Harrison, SG, Franchize AS: Count us as fans. He dropped 27 first half points in the game we caught. He's not the ideal size for a shooting guard but he sure is a good one. Harrison pumped in shots behind the line but also was comfortable from different areas on the floor. He's just starting to get recognized as a high-major caliber two guard and he's earned the ink.

Quinn Cook, PG, Assault: He's got plenty on his plate as Assault's top gun. This isn't a vintage Assault powerhouse team so he's got to balance scoring (which he's very good at) and helping others get shots. Down the road, Cook's leadership and talent should allow him to be a championship level point in college.

Mitchell Farr, SG, Hurricane Rebels: The boys from Milwaukee toed the line with a strong crew from Memphis and because of this fella's right arm, got the win. We're beginning to think the Class of 2011 contains a lot of shooters and Farr certainly is one of them. He was playing with a shoulder injury and still smoked it.

Elgin Cook, SF, Hurricane Rebels: This athletic small forward elects to do his work in the lane. He's always around the rim, has quick bounce and he's a stick back artiste.

Bobby Parks, SF, M33M: What we're noticing is that he's an excellent passer with the vision of a guard. In the game we caught today, he finished strong behind the line and his 3-point stroke lifted M33M down the stretch.

Sheldon McClellan, SG, Hou. Select: Efficient and smooth. Select won by 50 so he wasn't needed but he did show how he intends to score in college. He favors the step back jump and does it with confidence. There's an easy, quiet way about him. We loved the bullet outlet pass he through. He's right where we left him last summer: one of the best wings in his class.

Jarnell Stokes, C, Memphis Select: The first thing you think of when you see him is how physically strong he is. He's a dead-ringer for Jared Sullinger from the neck up. In the game we saw, jumpers were flying around and though he got the first touch of the game, he didn't see the ball a lot. The next step for him is realizing that every missed shot is a potential scoring chance for him if he gets on the glass. Liked him very much and the upside is really good.

Jelon Hornbeak, PG, Texas Select: He's got the look of a high-major point guard. This guy has bounce, showed leadership and has plenty of range on his shot. In short, we liked everything about him. He brings the energy and will accept contact in the paint. He's not just a scorer and his vision is an asset.

Derrick Griffin, SF, Hou. Defenders: When you bump into an athlete like this it's fun. Griffin will one day have a decision to make because he's reportedly a big time football player. On the hardwood, he's got some Jason Richardson to him. He challenged shots, tracked down would be scorers and rebounded with authority. This squad has the Harrison Twins and they're outstanding but they've got plenty more.

Aaron Harrison, SG, Hou. Defenders: His brother was out with an ankle injury so he stepped up. You don't see many freshmen this talented. His jumper is tight and for the leader of a young group playing "up" he's about as comfortable as he could be in the setting. Kid's a natural.

Southern Phenoms feature Devin Cherry, a mid-major shooter. … We watched New Mexico Force vs. Dallas Mustangs B team and two project bigs knocked heads. Michael Holyfield of the Force is raw but finishes what he can with dunks. Daniel Green is the opposite. Wispy, long and more athletic. Both are raw but could draw mid-level attention for programs that like to bring bigs along slowly. …

2012 forward Wanna Bail has big time talent. The next step is consistency and exerting himself each time out. … John Johnson of Team Philly can really score. He's good behind the line and getting to the rim. As things clog up in college, he'll want to add a mid-range game. He's talented enough to do it. …

Hornbeak is hearing from Oklahoma State, Baylor, Southern Cal, North Carolina, West Virginia and Texas A&M. … McAfee has offers from Memphis, Auburn, Clemson, Arkansas and Missouri. … Mo Lewis, a junior for Houston Select is getting hit hardest by Texas A&M. … DeAngelo Harrison has Arkansas, Kansas State, Arizona State, Texas A&M, Houston, Marquette, SMU and Oklahoma State chasing him. … Alex Davis claimed offers from Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Houston, Alabama and Auburn. SMU and Colorado State are in the hunt. …

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