Thornton Finishes Up In-Home Visits

Marcus Thornton was caught off guard when Oliver Purnell and took off to DePaul. With that said, the talented forward still has plenty of collegiate options.

Marcus Thornton is rolling through the recruiting process for the second time.

Following Oliver Purnell's departure from Clemson, the 6-foot-7 forward applied and received a release from his Letter of Intent. Now he's searching for a new school.

On Thursday, Thornton, a standout at Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake, finished his final in-home visit. Thus far he's heard from Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Michigan and Texas.

"We want to give him time to think about everything and revisit it first of next week," Billy Thornton, Marcus' father, said.

Thornton will head out of town for his high school senior trip. When he gets back, Thornton and his family will begin setting up short visits.

"We'll likely do both official and unofficial visits based on distance," the elder Thornton said. "Visits likely to be only one day because of time constraints. Not likely to be able to do a visit before the first week of May."

Shortly after the visits, Thornton is hoping to make his college decision.

"Not likely to make a decision before the third week of May, but have to get it done before college summer school sessions start," Billy Thornton explained.

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