Pump Spring Classic: Day One

LAS VEGAS – The first night of the Pump Spring Classic yielded a look at sophomores Landen Lucas and Jordan Tebbutt.

Landen Lucas, PF, NW Panthers: We closed a long day with our first look at Lucas and he didn't disappoint. He's got a body and game like Wayne Simien. Lucas, whose dad played at Oregon, is a natural rebounder who seemingly is a magnet for boards. He's an average athlete but exceptional board man and a true post player. Lock high-major prospect and the best talent we saw on the first night.

Jordan Tebbutt, SF, Double Pump Elite: This sophomore is strong, exceptionally strong and he's not afraid to use it. At this point, he overpowers guys and seems to have good ball skills. We didn't see him attempt a jumper but that was more a product of the circumstances. He finished at the rim and he's good quickness. The big boys are on him already.

Marcus Holt, PF, Double Pump Elite #2: He's all potential. Probably 6-foot-7 now but he won't be for long. Length is his friend and his activity level was high. Teammate Anthony January gets a lot of press as well but Holt shined on opening night.

Lamond Murray, Jordan Matthews, Pump 15s: The nephew of a former UCLA standout and son of a UCLA assistant coaching candidate teamed up to rip an opening opponent by a large margin. Murray could be a shooting small forward and Matthews the versatile guard. Both have bright futures.

Arizona Pump ‘n Run has a post player named Deion Giddens. He played high school ball last year after spending 8 seasons in Germany. He's a lower level DI prospect in the 2011 class but has upside. … Kevin Bailey of Double Pump has athleticism and grace. He could be a tweener high-level player, especially since the 2011 class is not deep out west. … Victor Dobbins (2012) came off the bench for one of the Pump teams and immediately made his mid-range shots.

Kevin Bailey listed Stanford, UCLA, Washington, Washington State and the WAC. … Point guard Jordan Daniels has a UTEP offer and interest from UCLA, Gonzaga, Portland and San Diego. … Tebbutt collected early offers from UCLA, USC, Washington, Washington State, Oregon State and Virginia. … Marcus Holt has Oregon State, Utah, San Francisco, LMU and Lafayette. … Landen Lucas said the entire Pac-10 with Arizona coming hard is on him. Georgetown, Texas, Florida, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame and Kansas are on him. He may attend camp at Kansas. …

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