Recap: Spiece & Jayhawk

Did you missed any of our coverage from Fort Wayne or Lawrence? Here's a list of the in-depth reports from the Spiece/Hensley Memorial and the Jayhawk Invitational.

Jayhawk Invitational

Location: Lawrence, Kans.
Date: April 30 - June 2
Scout Reporting Staff: Evan Daniels

DAY 1 -- Jayhawk: Day One Rundown

DAY 2 -- Jayhawk: Day Two Rundown

DAY 3 -- Jayhawk: Day Three Rundown

Spiece/Hensley Memorial

Location: Fort Wayne, Ind..
Date: April 30 - May 2
Scout Reporting Staff: Dave Telep

DAY 1 -- Spiece/Hensley: Day One Rundown

DAY 2 -- Spiece/Hensley: Day Two Rundown

DAY 3 -- Spiece/Hensley: Day Three Rundown

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