EYBL Houston: Day One

HOUSTON – Wayne Blackshear and Kentavious Caldwell put in work Friday night at the Nike EYBL Houston edition.

Kentavious Caldwell, SG, Ga. Blazers: He's got a quietly loud game. Think James Anderson's persona. Caldwell doesn't say much but he's a dagger behind the arc and went off for 28 points Friday night. The last time we saw him he rained three's and though he did that this time, he also converted a series of difficult drives. If he can tighten his handle the sky is the limit and this young man could be a major scorer on the college scene as a freshman.

Wayne Blackshear, SG, Mac Irvin: After what appeared to be a severe ankle sprain a few weeks ago, we didn't think he'd even suit up let alone play well here. Blackshear's status as a prospect was cemented a long time ago. However, he's playing to his strong body and maintained his smooth perimeter game. His upper body gets him to whatever spot on the floor he needs and his talent helps him find the bucket. Impact recruit.

Roosevelt Jones, F, STL Eagles: Flanked by Brad Beal and Ben McLemore, it was Jones who did the damage against Boo Williams. When you aren't particularly tall or skilled you've got to have a calling card. Jones gets by on his motor and physique. He loves contact and plays hard all the time. Butler fans don't have a natural comparison for him on their roster so he's a bit of a Bulldog out of the box recruit.

Trevor Lacey, SG, E1T1: When you're the hyped guy as a freshman, sometimes the most difficult thing is to fend off comers and keep improving. Lacey appeared to hit a wall last summer but this time around he's hitting his stride. Once a volume shooter, Lacey's game is as well-rounded as we've seen out of him. A quick trigger always was his big weapon but we loved how he transitioned seamlessly from scorer to passer in this offense. He really does have a nice feel, is in good shape and defines high-major shooting guard. Playing alongside Rivers gives him a chance to not have to carry the scoring load and demonstrate other elements of his game. So far, very good.

Quincy Miller, PF, D-One: There wasn't much going right in the first half for Miler or his team and they eventually lost. However, Miller rallied them in the second half and he did it with his rebounding and commitment to getting on the glass.

Ricardo Gathers, PF, La. Select: "The Boot" was on the ropes in the nightcap until "The Beast" got loose. Gathers is one of the strongest sophomores we've ever seen. He wrecked the Ga. Blazers inside and came up with two dunks that scared any shot of a comeback out of the Blazers. His body won't be able to get much stronger as he's Hershel Walker naturally strong. Therefore, with each season he'll need to add more skill to his game. He could get an SEC football scholarship without ever playing a down in high school.

Chris Walker, PF, Ga. Blazers: Sometimes you see a guy and understand how good he can be long-term. At the same time, the player often has no idea. This is Walker. The lefty is a physical specimen who corrals tough rebounds and instinctively comes up with blocked shots. Mix in a strong body and you have a potential elite recruit, even if he hasn't even come close to seeing himself that way yet.

Mychal Henry finally decided to show off his stroke with us in the gym. Not too shabby. … Mike Shaw has talent, this much everyone knows. At the present, Shaw is content to flash it in spurts. If he's going to make his move nationally, he'll be required to string together halves then complete games. He's more than capable of both. … Sophomore Justin Anderson is guilty of taking some difficult shots. He's also a game-changer athletically and is a super weakside rebounder and shot blocker. … Shane Larkin flipped the switch from scorer to point guard. He had no choice. At his size, his future is the point and in the past he's had to be the primary scorer. You can tell he's committed to playing the point and he's beginning to show the mental side of the position. …

Austin Rivers didn't have his best stuff on Friday but an average Austin is pretty exceptional. He gets his shot when he wants and he's an underrated passer. … Travis Hammond and Demarcus Harrison made just enough shots to keep the SC Ravens in the hunt vs. Each1Teach1. … Jalen West of LA Select has a great stroke. At 5-10, he drew Caldwell and didn't score much with Kentavious on him. However, everytime the matchup didn't go down, West was there to stick a triple. … Leron Barnes is a young junior wing we liked off La. Select. …

Quincy Miller has Kentucky, Duke, Wake Forest, Memphis, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Syracuse and Illinois on his list. He has yet to speak with new Deacs skipper Jeff Bzedelik. … Macari Brooks has offers from Marquette, Fairfield and Providence. Illinois, Indiana and Oklahoma are looking. … Breon Key has South Carolina and Old Dominion interested. … Ben McLemore likes Missouri and Kansas. Tennessee and Illinois are mixing it up as well. … Anthony Davis is going to sport a long list. Newcomers are Ohio State and Notre Dame. …

Lacey has Memphis and Alabama coming the hardest. Georgia Tech and Tennessee are in the mix and he's been on all four campuses. … Devin Langford likes Miami, Wake Forest, Maryland, Cincinnati, Auburn and Alabama. … West has offers from Louisiana Tech and SE Louisiana. Florida State and Northwestern are interested. … Caldwell said he's wide open and listed head coach interest from Tennessee, Georgia, Florida State, Clemson, Alabama and Auburn. …

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