Melvin Winds His Way To Chicago

Cleveland Melvin, a forward out of Notre Dame Prep, is DePaul bound.

Cleveland Melvin wanted to play power forward in the Big East. At first, Connecticut had him but in the end he'll be a DePaul Blue Demon.

"I decided to go with DePaul," Melvin said. "First of all, I think they have great academic support on and off the court. Oliver Purnell is a great coach. He'll make me a winner while I'm in college. As far as playing time, I think I can get a lot of playing time."

Marshall and Rutgers were under consideration. Melvin, a beastly undersized forward, visited DePaul under the old staff and then connected, according to his mother Shirley Hampton, with the new regime.

"Ever since Day One, the assistant coach was there and they welcomed me like family. My son came a long way. He struggled a lot but as I explained to him, I think it's a good choice. I'm very proud of his choice and I'm 100% supportive of it. I talked to Mr. Purnell and he's a very nice guy."

Melvin's reason for desiring to play in the Big East: "The Big East is the most competitive conference."

And so it ends. A visit to Rutgers, a courtship from Marshall and a de-commitment from Connecticut. It was a winding path, but it ends in Chicago with Purnell and the new staff of the Blue Demons.

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