Catching Up With Chasson

Chasson Randle no longer sports a mohawk. Prom season devastated a fabulous haircut. Regardless, the No. 1 basketball player and student at Rock Island has plenty of suitors.

The spring recruiting period's most famous Mohawk sporter has a new haircut. Chasson Randle, former proud owner of a Mohawk, was faced with a choice this month and got himself a new haircut.

"It's gone, it's gone," the remorseful Randle said. "My dad got tired of seeing it. He said I couldn't go to the prom if I didn't cut it off."

In addition to a new haircut, Randle has a new ranking. He checked in at No. 37 in's latest list. The point guard is also tied for the No. 1 spot at Rock Island when it comes to academics.

This weekend, he'll be playing in the prestigious Tournament of Champions in North Carolina. Randle's traveling team coach, Mike Mullins, said his star guard will stick around and visit with Duke following the event.

"You have to look at Duke," Randle said. However, the Blue Devils face stiff competition (should they jump into the mix) for Randle. Illinois, Stanford, Purdue, Wisconsin, DePaul, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Florida State, Miami, Connecticut and Georgetown are interested.

"Really, as far as cutting down the list, I want to do that as soon as I get back from Pangos. I'd like to get it to at least a top seven. If I can get it lower than that it would be great. I'll talk it over with my coaches and family and see where it goes."

When pressed, Randle divulged a semi handful of schools that will make the initial trimming. "Illinois will make the cut. I'll say Illinois, Purdue and Stanford will make the cut for sure."

Randle is a competitive kid. He's trying out for USA Basketball's 17-and-under team again this year and will be at Chris Paul's backcourt camp in June. However, lookout Elisa and Mike, he's aiming for the No. 1 academic spot at Rock Island and he's not likely to share the honor!

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