Pangos AA Camp: Day 1, Part B

LONG BEACH, Calif. – LeBryan Nash was the best performer we witnessed opening night at the Pangos All-American Camp. Sim Bhullar, a gigantic sophomore, played against his 7-3 sibling in a matchup of the two biggest high school players in the country.

Pangos, 1A

LeBryan Nash, SF: For two periods in his first game, Nash simply did what he wanted when he wanted. He scored from behind the arc, the mid-post and through the rim. We've said it before, he's in excellent physical condition and is smart enough to own mismatches. An area he can improve on is his focus. He wants to win and sometimes lets himself get too emotional if things don't go his way. Outside of that, he was on his game in the opener.

Bishop Daniels, SG: The evolution of his game continues. Daniels was on the mark with his jump shot Friday evening. He raises up and releases his shot high and it's well-documented that he's an excellent leaper. Since the spring, Daniels has made a concerted effort to cut down on his ill-advised shots and be more economical. His was sharp Friday night.

Daniel Green, C: We'd seen the Texan prior and he's an interesting prospect who has a chance to be recruited at the mid-major level. The Grapevine, Tex., product is good in the classroom and while raw on the court he has the raw materials and size to work with.

Sim Bhullar, C: It's been a while since we've seen a prospect this size. How big is he? He's not Neil Fingleton (7-6) but he's bigger than Shagari Alleyne and Gerry Sokolowski. Bhullar is 7-4 and probably 320 pounds. Since we last saw him in November he's improved. He's got some touch from the perimeter but still needs to work on his touch around the hoop; he did score an easy tip dunk. His size, obviously, is tough to deal with. Anything he catches at the rim is going to make it to the goal. If he catches the above above his head and turns, blocking his shot isn't an option.

The big question isn't so much his ability it will be how to use him. College basketball isn't the same game it was in the mid-80s when giants ruled the land and Mark Eaton played in the high post for Utah. Changing ends for a guy this size, at the highest level, is a concern. The reality is it's too early to make a legitimate projection and it will be interesting to watch him develop. He and his brother Tanveer Bhullar (2013, 7-3) will have everyone's attention and schools at all levels will track their progress.

Landen Lucas, PF: There were a ton of big guys on the court – Bhullar Brothers, Sidiki Johnson – and there wasn't much operating room in the paint. Lucas, the son of former major college player, is a good-looking prospect. What we saw Friday night was his passing game. Lucas can play in the high post and run offense through him. He's also stealing a page from Kevin Love. He'll grab a board and immediately look to trigger the long break.

Uche Ofoegbu, SG: A long athlete, he looks like a perimeter player. We think, because of his wingspan and length, he could wind up being an excellent defender.

Byron Wesley is developing a nasty floater. … 2012 guard Cameron Golden was "on" from deep. He was stroking 3s. … Junior small forward Jonathan Davis is a strong mid-level prospect who likes rebounding and playing in traffic. He was impressive. … Post man Thomas Gipson played with purpose. He's the kind of guy who would flourish in a league a notch below the BCS leagues. Think C-USA, A-10 for this 6-7 (max) post guy. However, if he plays with nasty intentions inside, someone bigger may fall for him. …

Daniel Green has Tulsa, Oklahoma, VCU and others tracking him. … Nash said Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas, Kentucky and Syracuse told him he's their guy and they must have him. … Jonathan Davis sports offers from Hawaii and Utah. He may camp at Arizona and UCLA (invites to both) and Colorado is showing interest. …

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