Faust Makes His Move

Last week was a big one for Baltimore City wing Nick Faust. He walked into the NBA Top 100 Camp and took him the camp's surprise player award.

With every deep jumper, Nick Faust's star shined that much brighter. At last week's NBA Players Association Top 100 camp, Faust made his mark. At the awards ceremony to close camp, Faust's number was called once more and he was awarded the event's surprise prospect. Last year, the same award went to Justin Coleman so he's in good company.

Faust, ranked No. 91 for the time being by Scout.com, averaged 20 points on a state championship team at Baltimore City. His cousin, Willie Barton, was a Top 10 player in last year's senior class.

"Will is my cousin and I'm with him all the time," Faust said. "He's taught me a lot of stuff. He gets me better and teaches me little tricks of the game.

The biggest thing I picked up from him is to play hard and be consistent."

A standout in the classroom, Faust indicated four schools enter the summer in good shape for his fall signature. "The hardest is a tie between Penn State, Maryland, UNLV and Marquette. I'm taking a visit to Marquette and Maryland (this week)."

Virginia Tech is also pressing him to get involved. "The one I talk to the most is Coach Buzz but I also have a strong relationship with Coach Greenberg. I'll be visiting there soon."

Maybe Faust's breakout performance last week was something everyone should have seen coming. Despite struggling as a team in the spring, Baltimore Elite's Faust, has been on top of his personal game. His jump shot is a calling card but there have been times where the 6-foot-5 Faust demonstrated skills off the bounce. As the July period is upon us, coaches will be ever present in the stands marking him.

"I want to build a stronger relationship with the coaches even more and make sure I have that strong relationship."

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