Pre-July 2011 Top 100

Michael Gilchrist or Quincy Miller? July will go a long way in determining the champ. Mix in some Austin Rivers, a battle for the top point guard position and the rapid rise of Anthony Davis and you've got the makings for a fun month!

Class of 2011

Heading into July,'s Class of 2011 rankings was in need of revision.

When guys like Chane Behanan and Deuce Bello make their moves, well, it's time to pass on the credit where it's due. Both players experienced significant gains as Bello leapt 59 spots (No. 96 to 37) and Behanan rocketed from No. 85 to No. 29. Each was outstanding at the NBA Top 100 camp last month.

Our strongest gain was made by Anthony Davis. He entered June as a Top 10 prospect but after being named the most promising prospect at the NBA Camp combined with the fact that he's the definition of a late bloomer, we've rolled the dice and moved him to No. 5. Frankly, that wasn't exactly much of a gamble; Davis is coming on strong.

The top two slots on our list has not changed. Michael Gilchrist clung onto the No. 1 spot over Quincy Miller. This race is tightening by the week. Miller knocked down a jump shot that gave USA U18 the Tournament of the Americas championship. His candidacy for the No. 1 spot is real and it's strong. How will he handle July? The battle for No. 1 is getting interesting.

Austin Rivers is a rock solid pick for the No. 3 slot. He recently made 9 of 10 3-point shots with his USA basketball uniform on playing alongside Miller. Rivers is an elite scorer whom we think will slide into a similar role that Tyreke Evans plays on the professional level. Yes, we said professional and it'll be sooner than later after he has a cup of coffee in college.

Brad Beal moved up three slots to No. 7 in the Top 10 and Adonis Thomas is back in the mix at No. 10. They're joined by Myck Kabongo who checks in at No. 8 and is waging his own war on the top point guard slot, which is held by Marquis Teague (No. 6). Rakeem Christmas, the top center prospect keeps his spot in the Top 10 as well; he's No. 9.

If you're looking for potential Top 10 candidates to emerge, we offer up Wayne Blackshear. He was outstanding at the NBA Camp and fell out of the Top 10 through no fault of his own (Kabongo and Thomas moved in). Kentavious Caldwell is another sniper with size and athleticism to keep rising and LeBryan Nash is as talented a No. 12 player we've had in a few years.

Frankly, there are plenty of McDonald's slots on the line for kids this July. The Class of 2011 is ripe for someone to rise up and snare the momentum at their respective positions. Generally speaking, after the top three players at each position, anything can happen.

Turn off your TV sets, forget about NBA free agency and keep hitting refresh as we bring you daily recruiting coverage from the road this month!

Enjoy, D.T.

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