SoCal Tourneys: Day Two

Skylar Spencer, Rosco Allen and Cheikh Ndiaye were among the prospects we saw Wednesday at the Double Pump Summer Tip-Off...

Carson, Calif.The Double Pump Summer Tip-Off continued Wednesday…

Reese Morgan, 6-2 SG Palos Verdes (Calif.) Peninsula. Morgan doesn't have a good basketball body and he's not very athletic. However, he's a player. He's got a nice stroke with range to the stripe, he's got a great feel for the game and he plays hard all the time.

Danny Cheeks, 6-2 SG Newport Beach (Calif.) Corona Del Mar. Cheeks has great physical attributes, with a very nice frame and a high level of athleticism. He's an inconsistent shooter, and he needs to play with more focus, but he has a considerable upside if he ever figures it out.

Louis Rose, 6-2 SG Bloomington (Calif.) High. Rose didn't play on the summer circuit last year and this was my first look at him. I'm not sure if he can shoot, but I am sure that he can defend. He got after it in the second half of his game yesterday and must have had five steals in about ten minutes. He's a terrific athlete and the best on-the-ball defender I've seen at this tournament.

Skylar Spencer, 6-7 PF Los Angeles (Calif.) Price. I don't think Spencer scored many points in his game Wednesday afternoon, but he impacted the game more than any other player on the court. He's a terrific shot-blocker, a good rebounder and he plays with consistently good energy. He's got a 7-5 wingspan and a very high upside.

Ryan Wright, 6-5 SF Palmdale (Calif.) High. Wright has a very good body, he's a a good athlete and he has a nice stroke to 17-19 feet. He needs to work on being more consistently engaged, and playing with focus, but he's got some very good attributes as a prospect.

Robert Upshaw, 6-11 C Fresno (Calif.) Edison. Upshaw didn't have a great game Wednesday, but he's the top center in the west for 2012. Like most high school big men, he's still growing into his body and his coordination is nowhere close to what it will be two years from now. But he's moving much better than a year ago, his footwork is improved and he's starting to score more consistently when he gets good low-post position.

Rosco Allen, 6-7 SF Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman. Allen had just a fair game Wednesday, as he struggled to get open looks and had trouble getting involved in the game. However, he's much improved as a scorer and he no longer just settles for jump shots. Now he needs to become more assertive as a defender and rebounder. He's a terrific prospect, but his game will go to another level if he can become an impact player with his defense and rebounding.

Jayson Terry, 6-1 SG Los Angeles (Calif.) View Park. This was my first look at Terry and he's an intriguing prospect. Good-looking kid with a nice body, good quickness and scoring ability. He's one to watch in the future.

Cheikh Ndiaye, 6-11 C Carlsbad (Calif.) Army Navy. Ndiaye is only going to be a sophomore next year, even though you wouldn't be surprised if someone told you he's twenty year old. He is the oldest-looking sophomore I've seen in ten years of scouting. That being said, he's still a very intriguing prospect. He's got a terrific basketball body, with great length, and he moves pretty well. Offensive skills are still pretty raw, but he can impact the game as a defender/rebounder. He's definitely one to watch in the coming years.

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