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Drew Cannon is to who Gill Grissom was to CSI: Las Vegas. Drew's our summer intern and one of his jobs is to create profiles for players we need immediate information on. Here's a look into Drew's world.

I count myself as fortunate to have Drew Cannon, an intern who has worked with me the past three summers, on staff again. Drew has been a huge asset over the years and this time around it's no different. We wanted to share with you some of the things that go one behind the scenes at

On Thursday, I saw Aaron White for the first time; Evan Daniels had seen him previously. He was impressive as a mid-major power forward and he'll receive looks from bigger schools. We needed more information on White and turned quickly to Drew.

One of Drew's jobs is to help us gather information. While courtside in Morgantown, I emailed him White's name, school and size and he made the rest happen. Drew's job is to create profiles for players we need more information on. We thought you might be interested in taking a peek at his work. Drew spoke with White's high school coach to fill in the blanks about his player. Within two hours he'd emailed over the following profile for me to review while in the gym. (Dave Telep)

RISING: Aaron White Background: Aaron White is a 6-foot-7 power forward from Strongsville (Ohio) High. His recent play has made people take serious notice.

OFFENSE: White averaged 20 points, 11 rebounds, and four assists a game at Strongsville last year. Strongsville head coach Joe Lynch called versatility as his greatest strength, saying he was comfortable letting White bring the ball up the floor, be the middle man on a press break, and post up. He's got great length and is an attacking scorer, with the ability to get to the rim and the aggressiveness to dunk over his defender. Away from the ball, White's an effective screen-and-roll man and consistently finds ways to get open. Bringing consistency to a sometimes-streaky jump shot and adding some bulk would round out an already-strong offensive game.

DEFENSE: He has added a few inches over the past year, and the defense should come as he becomes comfortable with his size. During the high school season, Strongville's team size pushed him to play 2 or 3 but he can have difficulty guarding quicker players at times. That said, White's instincts off the ball are strong: he gets into the passing lanes and, as a junior, averaged four blocks a game.

MAKEUP: Lynch called White a gym rat and one of the more competitive kids he's coached. White is primed to be a captain in the upcoming basketball season and has shown himself to be an excellent leader by example if not an overwhelmingly vocal one. His academics are rock solid.

White seemed to be primed for an explosion early last summer after strong play in June, but then a broken wrist sidelined him for the rest of the season. Big Ten schools have been paying attention since, and mid-majors have made him a priority and followed up with offers. Lynch specifically mentioned Wisconsin, Butler, Duquesne, West Virginia, and Cleveland State.

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