Las Vegas: Day 4, Part B

LAS VEGAS – Thank you, Chris Thomas! While everyone in Vegas seemed to be dragging, Chris Thomas and his scoring spree helped us get the pep back in our step.

Dominique Dunning, SG, Compton Magic: He's on a loaded squad where being a standout means helping in the little ways and playing your role. What we liked about Dunning was his composure in the end of game situation. After playing a scrappy, smart game, with two minutes left he a calming influence. Competitors live for those moments and there were certainly guys on the floor that weren't ready for the stage. Dunning was ready. He'll be a key cog in the New Mexico attack going forward in the fall of 2011.

Jalen Reynolds, PF, REACH Legends: In our quest to see every potential high-level big man in Las Vegas, we ended Sunday with Reynolds. This is a guy who is physically gifted and athletically at a high level. Basketball wise is where the polish needs to come but the raw talent is there. He's one of those forwards who hasn't put the pieces together yet and could wind up being a guy we wonder about after he's got a few years under his belt. He struggled in his third game Sunday night but aced the look test.

Torian Graham, SG, DC Assault: He's made the decision to move to Oak Hill for his final two years of high school. Graham is growing up on the court and playing with more patience. He gave effort at both ends and assumed a leadership role for Assault.

Chris Thomas, SG, Colorado Haws: He put a hurting on the 16 and under division. Thomas repeated his first year of high school so he's got a leg up on the competition but if you stick him in any age group the results would be the same. He went for 39 points in the game we saw and had 36 and 35 leading up to Sunday's action. He scored it every way and was unstoppable. Given his size and athletic ability, there isn't much from a scoring standpoint he can't do. Plus, he worked it like a gambler on defense and got himself extra buckets with steals. He's a serious scorer as evidenced by his ritual. On a few occasions, we saw him head to the bench and baby powder his hands. That' the move a guy who loves the feel of the ball in his hands and is passionate about his craft. Thomas' best attribute is that he loves to ball and it shows.

Aaron Harrison, PG, Houston Defenders: If Thomas was the best offensive rising sophomore in the gym, Aaron was the top defender. He's as good as we've seen at a young age in terms of checking his man and stopping ball penetration. Houston got jobbed on the last play of the game against Compton as it was whistled for a foul with two seconds left. Other than that, the young Houstonians looked comfortable in the upper age bracket.

Nate Britt, PG, Assault: The lineage at this position within the program continues. Recent Assault points have been Quinn Cook, Tyler Thornton and Nolan Smith. Britt is next in line and is par to be right there with his peers. What we like is that he can play at different speeds, has a mature game and balances his scoring with his creating.

Nate Britt says he's heard it before but we'll repeat it. He owns those strong, square shoulders, the kind of coat hangers Rajon Rondo rolls around with. … Taylor Barnette of the Nashville Celtics connected on 24 3-pointers during his run here in Vegas. He's a junior. … We've talked about the 2012 class with Andre Drummond, Isaiah Austin and Dajuan Coleman. However, those guys are getting pushed by "super bigs" Cameron Ridley and Shaquille Cleare. In a bumper crop class of big boys, next year is going to be fun. If you're an elite college basketball team you'd better plan on adding one of these guys if you're going to be around the final weekend of the season. …

Chris Thomas indicated that Arizona was on him the hardest. We also know Memphis was a frequent program at his games out here. …

Nate Britt had Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Indiana, Arizona and Massachusetts peeking in on him. … Chris Thomas drew Indiana, Arizona, Miami, Missouri, Baylor and UNLV. …

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