Izzo On Commitment Spree

Tom Izzo must have known something in July. When we saw him on the road he was all smiles. Now that August is in full swing, his Spartans seem to take a new commitment every few days. On Wednesday, 2012 big Matt Costello ended his process.

Tom Izzo is rolling. The Michigan State Spartans moved on another player Wednesday afternoon. Matt Costello, a 6-foot-8 power forward out of Auburn (Mich.) Western committed to the Spartans.

"Their 2011 class is wrapped up and their 2012 class either has one or none left," Matt Costello said. Butler, Michigan and Ohio State offered Costello.

"The reason I picked Michigan State was because of what Coach Izzo has done," Costello said. "I don't enjoy losing and they're a winning program. Their character, the presence they give off to people of being laid back as a university fits me well.

"He showed me that I can live with him for four years. He's an honest man. I may hate him at some point but he'll ride me hard and be honest."

Costello was on the road playing with Dorian's Pride in the summer and realized he wasn't the kind of guy who would be comfortable too far from home. "I noticed throughout the July season that I definitely don't like being far from home. Being close to home was big."

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