Big Time Choice For McClure

Few guys know Mike Krzyzewski the way Mike Brey does. Then again, not so many know Brey the way Coach K does. David McClure knows them both up close and personal and that's what he's weighing these days.

Irish, Devils Tangle For Forward

Trinity Catholic and junior David McClure are in the quarterfinals of the Connecticut state tournament Friday night. In a week or two when the season is over, McClure will be faced with a daunting decision.

He's being recruited by two programs that know an awful lot about each other: Duke and Notre Dame. He's visited both of them, most recently Duke.

"It was good. It was great. I loved it. My entire family went down there and when we met Coach K it blew us away. It's unbelievable how passionate he is about his team."

McClure said that he walked away feeling like Duke had offered him a scholarship. "Basically they were telling me that they would love to have me and I would fit in great," McClure said. "Jimmy Salmon [McClure's AAU coach] told me they would love me to commit at anytime."

And so would Notre Dame.

So, how do two head coaches and long time friends handle recruiting against each other? "They both talk highly of each other. They have a lot of respect for each other. Coach K told me how he picked Coach Brey because he knew he would be a great assistant. He's loved seeing him grow as a coach. He's not just a great coach, but a great guy too. They are so similar because they like each other so much."

In head to head battles with former assistants and players, Coach K has proved tough. Last year Missouri and Quin Snyder tangled with the master and came up short.

Even with the Golden Domers and Devils as two viable – and one of them is likely – options, McClure said he'd still like to conduct more comparison shopping. "Those are my top two right now. I want to take my other official visits. I'm probably going to take my last three officials. I'm not sure where I'll go next. I'll decide after the championship game."

Florida State, North Carolina State, Villanova, Illinois and Indiana are on the potential visit list. Pittsburgh is starting to contact him as well. Still, we'll bet on either Duke or Notre Dame here as they'll prove tough to beat in the end.

McClure could decide before the end of the school year and we don't see this going much into the summer.

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