Chol To Wait, More Involved

Angelo Chol is now a spring decision maker. We've been telling you how the big men hold all the cards and Chol's decision to wait leaves another high-major option on the table for the spring.

San Diego (Calif.) Hoover High's Angelo Chol's recruitment has been very process-oriented. Prior to the summer, he trimmed up his list and was heading for a fall decision. As of this week, the brakes were applied and he's decided to slow down the process and re-evaluate.

"He's going to wait until the spring to sign," Hoover coach Ollie Goulston told "He wants to evaluate each program this winter in case anything changes. He's got a secure bunch of coaches but you never know.

"He's going to open it up and at least look at a couple of others."

Connecticut, Washington, Kansas, Alabama and Georgetown are the five main programs. Arizona, North Carolina and Louisville got involved post-summer; each has offered a scholarship.

"Those guys called," Goulston said. "He's not making any commitments or promises but he's going to decide in the spring. He'll visit Kansas, Alabama and Washington but he's not sure what others he'll visit. He'll do four home visits, those three plus UConn." The three new schools involved don't have in-homes and may not receive fall in-homes. Each of the three new schools will watch him workout in September.

Goulston and Chol don't want too much to be made of the decision to let more schools into the process. In the bigger picture, since he's waiting until the spring to sign he can evaluate everything.

"I don't think it was dissatisfaction with the schools, it's just that since he's moving it back to the spring, he's trying to be thorough. He just wants to double-check and make sure so that he's not missing anything. It's the biggest decision of his life, they're aggressive about their interest level and he's willing to take a look at them."

Chol has one official visit set up and it's with Kansas for Midnight Madness.

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