Memorable Curry Quotes

After taking down third-ranked Kentucky in one of the most memorable performances of his career, Duke Guard Seth Curry addresses the media at the Champions Classic in Atlanta.

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On coming back from injury...

"I think the biggest [adjustment] is just shape-wise. Coach [Mike Krzyzewski] did a good job of getting me in and out of the game during certain periods to let me get rest and be fresh toward the end of the ball game.

"I think I did a good job of trying to stay sharp [while injured] with limited practice time, working on ball handling and things like that. My teammates also did a good job of finding me earlier in the game. I haven't been around them as much as I usually am in practice. They did a good job of finding me in certain situations early in the game.

"They got me going [once I hit] certain shots. That was key."

On defending Kentucky without Ryan Harrow...

"We wanted to jump all over their guards. They had some guys trying to fill in at point guard tonight and we knew they didn't have much experience.

"We knew we had to come in and jump all over them and play tough from the jump. I feel like we did a good job of that tonight."

On extending the lead with Mason Plumlee on the bench...

"I thought we had more spacing when Mason was out of the ballgame. I told the guys that we had more spacing to drive it and kick it and things like that.

"When I got to the lane, I knew [Nerlens] Noel was going to try to come over and block shots and things like that, so I was just trying to get it high up on the rim."

On calling Duke "his" team...

"I think this is our three seniors' team. That's what we've worked on in the preseason and having this be our team. It came to me and I came through."

On the veteran advantage over Kentucky...

"We're composed and been in games like that before. We had good composure at the end of the game when they made that run. We stayed real calm."

In the win over Kentucky on Tuesday, Duke Guard Seth Curry finished with 23 points in 34 minutes, hitting all six of his free throws.

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