Chol taking advantage of opportunities

Angelo Chol got an opportunity on Wednesday night and took full advantage. Read on to see Sean Miller's reaction to it, thoughts on Chol's future, and more.

Angelo Chol has sat on the bench patiently this season waiting his turn and ready to contribute at any time.

On Wednesday, Chol got that opportunity against Stanford and put together one of the best games of his career. After the game, Sean Miller was quick to talk about Chol's success on and off the court.

"The guy I want to talk about is Angelo Chol because there are a couple of games he didn't even get in," Miller said. "There's nobody in our program that works harder both in the season and out of the season than him."

Miller does not seem sure about how Chol's season will play out from now on, but his confidence increases when he talks about the kind of future that Chol likely has.

"You always tell the guys that their opportunity will come," Miller said. "Whether it came this year, Angelo's best basketball is down the road as he learns and keeps growing."

Even though that may be the case, Arizona was not going to win Wednesday's game if not for the contribution that Chol made.

"This was a tough matchup for Kaleb [Tarczewski] because they play primarily with guards and forwards," Miller said of Stanford. "If Angelo wasn't able to have come in and perform, we would not have won tonight.

"I'm really proud of the guy. It was good to see him do what he did because when you talk about a whole team and the opportunity, it's not easy to come in and perform."

Miller was not the only person proud of Chol, as point guard Mark Lyons says that the Wildcats as a whole want to see him succeed.

"I'm really one of the guys who cheers Angelo on," he said. "We all do, but I have a lot of faith in him. I know that when he gets in the game he's going to produce, and tonight he was clicking also."

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