Tournament Quick Quotes: UCLA

UCLA Coach Ben Howland and a few of his players talk playing Minnesota in the second round of the NCAA Tournament...

UCLA head coach Ben Howland on being called the underdog:

"Well, Minnesota is a really good team. I read that they had the second ranked strength of schedule in the country. I mean, they have beaten Michigan State, they have beaten Indiana, they have some great wins on their resume. So I wouldn't call that being disrespected for people to suggest Minnesota's going to win the game.

Guard Kyle Anderson on how the team will compensate without Jordan Adams:

"We just have to bring the intensity that he brought on the perimeter, offensively and defensively. He does a lot of little things for us, but we'll just have to make up for it by playing hard, really that's all.

Anderson on the importance of bounding back after losing to Oregon:

"It's really important because it's survive and advance now. We've usually done well after losses. We just want to get back focused and be ready to play.

Guard Larry Drew II on his advice to the younger players on the team:

"Just try to remain focused, remain calm. Aside from it being a do or die, everything else is still the same. We're still going out there and playing the same game we have been playing all year. Basically the only difference is just the hype surrounding everything."

Guard/forward Shabazz Muhammad on Minnesota's talent:

"They are really athletic and I know they can rebound the ball. I know if we really rebound the ball, it will be a good match-up. The challenge will be to box out. I know those guys are talented. We need to get up-and-down, and I'm sure those guys like to get up-and-down, so it should be a good match up. It is a game where we are really going to try and run and get out and see what happens."

Forward Travis Wear on what he expects in playing Minnesota:

"We definitely know what we're up against. We have made rebounding a main point in practice. The team overall is extremely good at rebounding. They dont shoot the ball particularly well, which means it's going to be a lot of misses. We need to box them out. We need to go get the ball and not leak out early in transition."

The Bruins and Golden Gophers tip off thirty minutes after Game 3, which begins at 4:27 PST.

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